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Pentagon Could Benefit From Border Security Advancements Lost amid the near-daily complaints about the Trump Administration’s attempt to secure America’s southern border is the fact that, by every metric, illegal border crossings have dropped significantly in recent months, because crossing is no longer as easy as it [Read More...]
The F-35B Guarantees Allied Naval Dominance Over China (From The National Interest) Its stealth, long-range sensors and ability to internally carry Raytheon’s AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile make it the world’s most effective air supremacy fighter, after the F-22. The Joint Strike Missile (JSM), and Lockheed’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) provide the [Read More...]
Coronavirus Crisis A Good Time To Ask Why We Hate Big Tech So Much The left, right and center of the American political system have all decided to apply the federal government’s full regulatory power to the U.S. information technology (IT) sector, and that might be a clue that we all need to reassess [Read More...]
Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Keynote Address At Department of Justice’s China Initiative Conference U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave an unusual speech on February 6 that made the national security case for exactly how the United States should counter China on 5G, which promises to be the enabler of a host of futuristic [Read More...]
Grover Connell: A Great American, A Friend of Lexington, and A Model of What Freedom Can Enable A terrific friend and supporter of the Lexington Institute passed away in May. Grover Connell was 100 when he died, and he ran his privately held multi-billion dollar company to the end. He was simply an amazing guy. Grover was [Read More...]
A Window On World War Two On June 5th The Wall Street Journal published a feature on the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.  The museum is an excellent immersion in the dramatic history of that war, as well as a look at the [Read More...]
5 Reasons Donald Trump Should Love the F-35 (Like Containing China) (From The National Interest) President Donald Trump is concerned about the costs associated with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But the F-35 is arguably crucial to five Trump Administration priorities.  While working to control costs on the aircraft, the new administration should also consider [Read More...]
Frank Rose: The Impact of Emerging Security Challenges on Strategic Stability Frank Rose is Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, and a long-time Capitol Hill, Pentagon and State Department security leader.  Attached is his “farewell address” at the University of Virginia after eight years in the Obama State Department, and [Read More...]
Will General Mattis Have a Back Seat on the Trump Train? The ambitious and unwieldy Trump policy agenda will likely generate severe budget and deficit tensions in his coalition sooner than expected.  And there appears to be more momentum and agreement behind the president-elect’s infrastructure, tax cut and deregulation plans than [Read More...]
Election Drivers Favor Clinton The internet and cable TV have never-ending primal screams about emails and locker room talk, but most presidential elections are decided on fundamentals, or at least with candidates that understand the fundamentals.  Five key fundamentals are: presidential job approval “direction [Read More...]
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