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Bill Fallon RIP The defense community, conservative movement, and nation lost a good friend over the holidays. Willard “Bill” Fallon was a great man; an Army helicopter pilot and intelligence officer, successful Capitol Hill aide and corporate strategist. Bill grew up on a [Read More...]
Robert Stuart, Patriot Ambassador Robert D. Stuart Jr., who passed away on May 8 at the age of 98, was an American patriot and gentleman. Ambassador Stuart believed that the true roots of America’s greatness reside in the values that have not changed [Read More...]
Hagel Has Opportunity To Build On Successes Of His First Year At Defense February 27th is Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s first anniversary as President Obama’s defense chief, and a good time to review his record.  Hagel came to the office at a tough time, just as the federal budget was going off [Read More...]
Unique Business Mentoring Program For Veterans The revival of Dwight Eisenhower’s historic reputation in the publishing and academic worlds is one of the more interesting political developments of the day. My sense is our frustration with many of the presidents that have been elected in his [Read More...]
Russell Redenbaugh’s Inspiring Triumph Over Adversity I first met Russell Redenbaugh in 1994, and we have collaborated on numerous projects since then. He is a founding board member of the Lexington Institute, and has been instrumental in our success since 1998. Russ was blinded and lost [Read More...]
Federal Reserve Role Makes Sequester Look Trivial Sequestration kicks in later today, triggering automatic federal government spending cuts amounting to $85 billion over one fiscal year. It is quite the political and economic “crisis” that could only be invented in Washington. Also invented in Washington is our [Read More...]
Obama Far From Blameless If Sequestration Hits Pentagon As the swinging axe of budget sequestration grows closer here in Washington, a lot of finger-pointing is being directed at the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. They do indeed have a lot of say in how this all [Read More...]
Navy’s Jacksonville Depot Is A First-Class Facility If you ever make it down to St. Augustine, Florida, be sure to visit the Alligator Farm. It not only has every single species of alligator and crocodile on site for your viewing pleasure, it also features an obstacle [Read More...]
What Would Reverend King Think About “Categorizing” Americans? Last year my daughter was applying to colleges and received, unsolicited, several scholarship offers based on her high school record. I was happy to discover that these offers included no questions or criteria concerning her skin color, sex or family [Read More...]
Obama Victory Confirms Wisdom Of Longstanding Political Axioms When was the last time the Republican national ticket won without a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket? Noodle on that for awhile, and be prepared to be shocked. On the subject of political patterns, President Barack Obama’s re-election [Read More...]
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