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C-SPAN Coverage: Capitol Hill Forum on President Trump’s Postal Service Task Force – 6.15.18 The Lexington Institute hosted a Capitol Hill Forum about President Trump’s Postal Service Task Force on Friday, June 15 at 12:00 pm. C-SPAN broadcast and posted its coverage of the Forum here. Speakers included: Ms. Anna Möller Boivie, Managing [Read More...]
VIDEOS: CAPITOL HILL EVENT: Securing Smart Grid Data – 5.12.17 The Lexington Institute hosted a Capitol Hill Forum on Securing Smart Grid Data on Friday, May 12. Click on the names of the speakers below to view videos of their speeches. Videos of Speeches: Ms. Allison J. Bender, Senior Associate, [Read More...]
Quick Reference to the U.S. Postal Service March 2016 Introduction The U.S. Postal Service is an independent federal agency that must deliver mail to all Americans according to a standardized pricing schedule. Despite a legally guaranteed monopoly on non-urgent mail and exclusive rights of access to Americans’ [Read More...]
International Postal Update — April 2016 POSTAL OPERATORS WORLDWIDE SEEK COMPETITIVE EDGE FROM TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENTSUSPS UPGRADING PACKAGE DELIVERY NETWORKThe U.S. Postal Service is investing heavily in major technology initiatives with a focus on improving delivery of its competitive package products. Over the past two [Read More...]
International Postal Update — January 2016 NEW REPORT: EUROPEAN POSTS OVERCHARGE CONSUMERS ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPINGInternational shipping within Europe can cost up to five times as much as domestic shipping, according to new research from Saint-Louis University in Brussels, Belgium, conducted on behalf of the European [Read More...]
Video: November 13 Defense Acquisition Reform Event On November 13 the Lexington Institute hosted an acquisition reform event on Capitol Hill that brought together many experts in the field.  Speakers included Byron K. Callan, Managing Director, Capital Alpha Partners; The Honorable Gregory R. Dahlberg, former Under Secretary, [Read More...]
EVENT: Defense Acquisition Reform – Friday, November 13, 2015 The Lexington Institute is organizing a Capitol Hill forum on Friday, November 13th to discuss ways of improving management and procurement at the defense department, and how that department might become a better customer. The purpose of this conference is [Read More...]
Video Of Lexington June 24 Acquisition Reform Event On June 24 the Lexington Institute hosted an acquisition reform forum on Capitol Hill that brought together many experts in the field.  Speakers included Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Byron Callan of Capital Alpha Partners, former Deputy Secretary of Defense [Read More...]
International Postal Update — February 2015 REPORT FUELS CALLS FOR CHANGES IN TERMINAL DUESA recent study commissioned by the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission concluded that the current system for assigning fees between countries for mail and small packages sent internationally produces market distortions and disruptions [Read More...]
International Postal Update — July 2014 U.S. EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICES FACE BARRIERS ABROADThe 2014 National Trade Estimate Report by the U.S. Trade Representative identified barriers it says hinder market access for U.S. express delivery companies across the globe. In Brazil, the government charges a flat [Read More...]
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