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Politicians Betray “America First” With Attacks On American Tech (From InsideSources) America First believers have picked an odd target for much of their ire: America’s hugely successful domestic technology companies. In attacking the United States’ most successful enterprises, many America First supporters have made common cause with Chinese and European regulators [Read More...]
Time To Ease Unnecessary LNG Export Burdens (From RealClearEnergy) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports are an important way U.S. energy companies access global markets. That is especially important today, with COVID-19 reducing U.S. energy demand and layoffs mounting in the energy sector. Environmental regulations can hinder these export efforts. [Read More...]
Trump’s 4th Of July Celebration Shows Off U.S. Aerospace, Defense Manufacturing (From RealClearDefense) President Donald Trump knows how to put on a show, and this Independence Day, he will personally commandeer traditional festivities in Washington, D.C. for his own grand display. A Trump speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial will accompany fireworks, [Read More...]
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