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Conservatives Must Counter President Biden’s Antitrust Push (From RealClearMarkets) The Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice have been especially active under the first two years of the Biden Administration. President Biden and his appointees have demonstrated a willingness to use the antitrust laws [Read More...]
Beware Of Labor Pandering That Endangers National Security During the Korean War, the United Steelworkers of America announced they planned to go on strike. Panic ripped through the Truman administration as it worried a strike would disrupt supplies of steel for weapons and munitions. The administration tried to [Read More...]
End Russia’s Access To Legal Warfare Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is underway. The Kremlin is justifying the attack’s based on half-baked legal rationales, claiming that Ukraine’s independence is illegitimate and that Russian forces are protecting supposedly oppressed Russian-speaking minorities. The response from the [Read More...]
Russia Is Exploiting U.S. Laws To Pursue And Harass Dissidents (From The National Interest) The Biden administration is prioritizing the protection of critical U.S. infrastructure, but its plans are missing one big target for adversaries: the American legal system. Repressive, adversarial state actors are using the United States’ legal system to advance their nefarious [Read More...]
Three Areas Where Government Needs To Get Out Of America’s Way The American dream is built on the backs of innovators and entrepreneurs. People who create, invent, and work hard, despite the obstacles, can succeed in this country. Unfortunately, bureaucrats and politicians in federal and state government have decided to erect [Read More...]
Politicians Betray “America First” With Attacks On American Tech (From InsideSources) America First believers have picked an odd target for much of their ire: America’s hugely successful domestic technology companies. In attacking the United States’ most successful enterprises, many America First supporters have made common cause with Chinese and European regulators [Read More...]
Time To Ease Unnecessary LNG Export Burdens (From RealClearEnergy) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports are an important way U.S. energy companies access global markets. That is especially important today, with COVID-19 reducing U.S. energy demand and layoffs mounting in the energy sector. Environmental regulations can hinder these export efforts. [Read More...]
Trump’s 4th Of July Celebration Shows Off U.S. Aerospace, Defense Manufacturing (From RealClearDefense) President Donald Trump knows how to put on a show, and this Independence Day, he will personally commandeer traditional festivities in Washington, D.C. for his own grand display. A Trump speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial will accompany fireworks, [Read More...]
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