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Unexpected But Welcome: US Navy’s Amphibious Warship Plan Supported Across Political Parties & Government Branches (From Marine Link) Here’s some good news for America’s sea power. While the U.S. Navy has initiated another review of its 30-year shipbuilding plan in the face of widespread dissatisfaction, one element within that plan has been praised: the decision to provide funding [Read More...]
Can We Accelerate Foreign Military Sales? Arm Our Allies Faster? (From Warrior Maven) In 2023, sales of American-made military equipment to US allies and partners significantly increased – to $80.9 billion – through the highly successful Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process, a 55.9% increase compared to the $51.9 billion of 2022. This dramatic [Read More...]
Arming Poland Faster Is Critical To U.S. Interests, NATO’s Security (From Defense Opinion) Twenty-five years ago, Poland joined NATO. Since then, it has emerged as a leading force for stability in Central and Eastern Europe, consistently demonstrating its adherence to the alliance’s values and principles. Poland reliably exceeds NATO’s goal of member countries [Read More...]
U.S. Navy’s Newest Carrier Continues Tradition Of Power Projection (From The Maritime Executive) The U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier – the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) – returned to its homeport of Norfolk, Virginia, on January 17, 2024. Underway for 239 days, the ship launched more than 10,000 aircraft sorties, conducted 43 underway replenishments, [Read More...]
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