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The Ghost Of The U.S. Military Future How can we convince the Scrooges on Capitol Hill to end the madness that is sequestration, open their purses and provide some budget relief to the U.S. military? In testimony, op-eds, studies and articles in learned journals, everyone with an [Read More...]
How to Help Charter Schools – And Virginia Kids Richmond Times-Dispatch Following Governor McAuliffe’s announcement last month that his administration would not appeal the court ruling that Virginia’s fledgling Opportunity Education Institution (OEI) is unconstitutional, advocates for public charter schools in the commonwealth will need to look elsewhere for [Read More...]
What It Will Take to Advance the Growth of High-Quality Charter Schools in New Jersey, Washington, DC and Virginia Click here to download the full study as PDF. Executive Summary As the public charter school movement in the United States approaches its 25th year, its intensified emphasis on high-quality options and outcomes stands to benefit students across the educational [Read More...]
Illinois Schools Need Stronger Emphasis on U.S. History Springfield, IL State Journal-Register This year, Illinois joins 44 states and the District of Columbia in the beginning stages of implementing the Common Core State Standards. Because the new standards focus exclusively on English and math, Illinois educators and policymakers [Read More...]
Teaching American History with the Common Core State Standards Students across the United States demonstrate an alarmingly poor grasp of the fundamentals of our nation’s history. Now as 45 states are preparing to implement the Common Core State Standards, a major shift which has dominated most serious discussions about [Read More...]
Wiring Schools for the 21st Century – What it Will Take Richmond Times-Dispatch All children should have access to a high-quality education, but many in the United States are denied this opportunity because of a wide range of contributing factors, some easier to solve than others. As more and better instructional [Read More...]
Course Choice Proving a Promising Ed Reform Approach The first of its kind and scope in the United States, Louisiana’s Course Choice program presents a promising opportunity to reduce achievement gaps while providing significant new educational options for families, without drastically affecting traditional public school budgets. Course Choice [Read More...]
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