Breaking Gridlock: The Postal Service Task Force (From InsideSources) With 11 consecutive years of losses, no turnaround plan and more than $121 billion in unfunded liabilities, the U.S. Postal Service is a major liability to taxpayers and faces serious challenges that threaten its future. President Trump has taken an [Read More...]
Trump Did A 180 yesterday… And Another Today (National Public Radio) Paul Steidler says there have been proposals in the past to stop the hemorrhaging at the Postal Service. However, “there is no strategy… no hope for getting out of the mess they are in.” The full interview is available here [Read More...]
The President’s Wake-up Call to the Postal Service (From The Hill) The President’ Amazon tweets have kicked off a much-needed debate about the dire straits of the Postal Service’s finances. With 11 consecutive years of losses totaling $65 billion, and no signs of a turnaround, taxpayers are clearly on the hook. [Read More...]
Save Lives, Restore Congressional Respect by Strengthening Opioids’ Seizure (From The Hill) Opioids are easily coming into the country, via the mail, from China. The time has come for Congress to adopt a common-sense, bipartisan, and widely supported solution – advanced electronic data to better track all international mail. I discuss these [Read More...]
Don’t Bail Out the Postal Service for Missing the Bull Market (From Investor’s Business Daily) The U.S. Postal Service has serious financial problems, much of which stems from its $73 billion in under-funded retirement plans. While the Postal Service has been aggressively seeking federal legislation to effectively offload at least some of these liabilities on [Read More...]
International Mail And Postal Practices: A Recap Of Notable Recent Developments There have been several significant developments on international mail and postal delivery in the past year. Opioids in the Mail Due to the opioid epidemic in the United States, there is significant and growing pressure to scrutinize all in-bound mail [Read More...]
Postal Service Should Deliver Turnaround Plan (From InsideSources) For 11 years, the U.S. Postal Service has had large and sustained losses. There is no end to the red ink in sight. In fact, the Postal Service has been calling for a taxpayer bailout, which could run to $50 [Read More...]
Get Opioids Out of the U.S. Mail (From InsideSources) Law enforcement agencies are frustrated that dealers and users are making Internet purchases of opioids from China, which are delivered by U.S. Postal Service. President Trump is likely to raise this and related opioids issues when he meets with Chinese [Read More...]
Terminal Dues: Time to End Its Drain on the U.S. Economy Should the United States be subsidizing Chinese companies that are in heated competition with American merchants and small manufacturers? We are not only doing so, at the cost of well over $135 million annually, but lacking a change in policy, [Read More...]
Curtail International Mail’s Role In Opioid Crisis (From The Columbus Dispatch) With Ohio at the center of America’s opioid crisis, seemingly all the stops are being pulled out at the state level to address this epidemic. An important and often overlooked area where the federal government can step in is to [Read More...]
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