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Will Arizona Be Next? The Grand Canyon State Considers Reforming Bilingual Education Issue BriefExecutive Summary Following the dramatic success of a California proposition this June to end the use of bilingual education, policymakers from around the nation have begun to question the effectiveness and appropriateness of those programs in their own [Read More...]
Virginia Ought to Join Move to Scrap Bilingual Education Article Published in The Richmond Times DispatchIt is more essential for young people to possess good English-language skills today than ever in our history. But until the education establishment in Virginia and elsewhere abandons its widespread commitment to the [Read More...]
Bilingual Education: Where Do We Go From Here? Issue Brief Earlier this month, California voters soundly rejected bilingual education. Proposition 227, the “English for the Children Initiative,” won widespread support among white and Hispanic voters despite being opposed by President Clinton, all four major candidates for Governor, the [Read More...]
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