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Tuesday 27th of January 2015

Top Story
Education Articles

  • Disrupting an Aging Industry to Improve Teaching and Educational Outcomes
  • Ashley Batemen,  
  • RICHMOND (VA) TIMES-DISPATCH A new initiative announced recently by Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven Staples has the potential to substantially upgrade the content taught in schools across the commonwealth, and empower classroom tea …

  • A Dynamic Model for Catholic Education
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • Cristo Rey schools provide an exemplary model, one that is growing and expanding and could revitalize the realization of Catholic schools nationwide. The network opened a new school in California’s Silicon Valley this fall; San Jose Jesuit, a Cristo Rey school, has created a smart, sophisticated technology learning model to enhance and empower teacher instruction, while exclusively serving underprivileged youth.

  • Lexington’s Don Soifer interviews Horry County (SC) Schools leaders
  • Don Soifer 
  • Soifer speaks with the leaders of one of the nation’s exemplary blended learning models. The districtwide Personalized Digital Learning initiative in one of South Carolina’s largest, growing school divisions integrates adaptive technology into everyday classroom instruction with powerful results.

  • School Choice’s Big Gains Provide New, Quality Opportunities
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • Demand for school choice has never been higher, as new, high-quality opportunities are being offered in the area most traditional public schools have struggled with most: career and technical education for high school students. Vouchers, scholarship tax credits and Education Savings Accounts served more than 300,000 children last school year and the numbers are on the rise.

  • The Cristo Rey Network: Serving Sustainable Success – New Lexington Study
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • One of the nation’s most powerful urban education success stories of the past decade, the Cristo Rey Network serves exclusively economically disadvantaged students with its Catholic mission to prepare them all to enter and graduate from college. Many expect that the Network’s newest school, in California’s Silicon Valley, utilizing an innovative blended learning model, will define a powerful new direction for the Network’s future.

  • What if Students Can’t Pass Immigrants’ Citizenship Test?
  • Robert Holland and Don Soifer 
  • Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch — Considerable evidence exists that appallingly large numbers of students would not pass the exam of basic civic knowledge required for naturalization. The test asks basic questions: Who is in charge of the executive branch? What do we call the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution? The mark for passing is 6 correct answers — 60 percent. The U.S. Senate is set to take action on the Education Sciences Reform Act, where it could restore our single best tool to measure how well our schools teach history and civics.

  • Teach for America a Strong Bet to Improve Chicago Student Achievement
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • Of all of the strategies underway to improve student achievement in Chicago, leveraging the contributions of Teach for America’s teaching corps may prove the most valuable. Chicago’s students have shown modest overall gains in achievement in recent yea …

  • Newt Gingrich interviews Don Soifer about Blended Learning
  • Don Soifer 
  • Speaker Gingrich talks blended learning with Lexington’s Don Soifer on his weekly podcast. They discuss how it works, where it is working best, and what potential it holds for American public education.

  • How to Help Charter Schools – And Virginia Kids
  • Dave Inman 
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch — Increased autonomy, equity in funding and facilities access, and longer charter contracts represent the sort of “across the board” policy improvement consistent with the frameworks in states where charters have demonstrated the most convincing performance records.

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