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Wednesday 17th of September 2014

Top Story
Education Articles

  • How to Help Charter Schools – And Virginia Kids
  • Dave Inman 
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch — Increased autonomy, equity in funding and facilities access, and longer charter contracts represent the sort of “across the board” policy improvement consistent with the frameworks in states where charters have demonstrated the most convincing performance records.

  • The True Costs of President Obama’s Student Loan Plan
  • Kate Swain 
  • In June, President Obama signed an executive order intended to ease the burden of student loan repayment for millions of young Americans. The action extends to borrowers the ability to cap monthly payments for certain federal student loans at 10% of th …

  • Celebrating History We Don’t Remember
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • From the first hot dog to the last firework bursting over the East River, this year’s Independence Day celebrations will again demonstrate our collective pride in our nation, its traditions and its history. Too bad ever fewer Americans know much about that history, since our public education establishment doesn’t put much priority on teaching it, or on instructing young minds in the basics of civics.

  • Why the Pledge Stands as Civics Fails
  • Ashley Bateman 
  • With government requirements redirecting the focus of achievement goals exclusively toward math and reading, the importance of civics and American history in the classroom is in fast decline.

  • Funding What Works
  • By Doug Mesecar and Don Soifer 
  • This new Arizona performance-based funding approach provides three ways school districts and charter schools can earn Student Success Funding based on each child’s performance: students scoring at or above grade level on the state test, students showing higher-than-average improvement over their previous year’s test scores, and students graduating from high school.

  • What It Will Take to Advance the Growth of High-Quality Charter Schools in New Jersey, Washington, DC and Virginia
  • Dave Inman 
  • As the public charter school movement in the United States approaches its 25th year, its intensified emphasis on high-quality options and outcomes stands to benefit students across the educational spectrum. But its evolution remains uneven. Of the 42 states plus the District of Columbia whose laws allow for charter schools, the role these schools play within broader public school portfolios varies greatly. Clearly, some proven approaches stand to inform, and improve, others.

  • Why School Internet Matters
  • Don Soifer 
  • A small, but growing number of schools around the country are showing that they can leverage technology in classrooms to drive potent improvements in student outcomes. But now a new division between haves and have-nots among students is emerging, those whose schools have sufficient internet capacity to support these powerful tools and those who don’t.

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