Teach for America a Strong Bet to Improve Chicago Student Achievement Of all of the strategies underway to improve student achievement in Chicago, leveraging the contributions of Teach for America’s teaching corps may prove the most valuable. Chicago’s students have shown modest overall gains in achievement in recent years, but progress [Read More...]
How to Help Charter Schools – And Virginia Kids Richmond Times-Dispatch Following Governor McAuliffe’s announcement last month that his administration would not appeal the court ruling that Virginia’s fledgling Opportunity Education Institution (OEI) is unconstitutional, advocates for public charter schools in the commonwealth will need to look elsewhere for [Read More...]
Celebrating History We Don’t Remember New York Post From the first hot dog to the last firework bursting over the East River, this year’s Independence Day celebrations will again demonstrate our collective pride in our nation, its traditions and its history. Too bad ever fewer [Read More...]
Iraq Crisis: Six Reasons Why America’s Military Should Not Re-Engage (From Forbes) The rapid advance and gross brutality of Sunni extremists in northwestern Iraq has convinced many that Washington should take military action to save the government in Baghdad.  However, there are compelling reasons for not re-engaging.  First, the military situation is [Read More...]
Sequestration Could Break The Air Force First It is one thing to look for ways of reducing defense spending as part of an overall program to rein in the size and cost of government. It is quite another to do so in such a maladroit and downright [Read More...]
The Army Bets Big On The Future And On Its Soldiers The U.S. Army has withstood a barrage of criticism from defense experts over the past ten years or even twenty years, including from me. The central thrust of these criticisms has been the Army’s difficulty in adapting to changes in [Read More...]
WHEN IS A SAFE SCHOOL NOT A SAFE SCHOOL? Issue Brief Can you name a school you would describe as “persistently dangerous?” You might think so, but according to official education statistics, there are only 38 persistently dangerous public schools in the United States, and these occur only in [Read More...]
Don’t Know Much About History – And Why That Matters Americans don’t know nearly as much about U.S. history as they think they know. But their knowledge of popular culture is off the charts. A new survey commissioned by the non-profit, non-partisan American Revolution Center (ARC) indicated that 80 percent [Read More...]
Increased Use of Psychiatric Drugs in American Schools Issue Brief Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become the most frequently diagnosed mental health condition among American children. Now, a growing body of research indicates that overdiagnosis of ADHD and overuse of psychiatric drugs, including Ritalin, is a problem in many [Read More...]
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