Postal Regulator Urges ‘Greater Mission Clarity’ For USPS In Upcoming Business Plan (From Federal News Network) Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler comments in Federal News Network on the Postal Service’s forthcoming business plan. Steidler said defining the Universal Service Obligation (USO) would likely bring about a “much smaller Postal service,” but would right-size the agency. “The Postal [Read More...]
LETTER: The U.S. Postal Service And Budget Gimmicks (From Las Vegas Review-Journal) Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler wrote a letter to the editor for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, responding to an op-ed from U.S. Postal Service spokesperson David Partenheimer, who claimed the Postal Service is “efficient” and not a burden to taxpayers. “Yet, [Read More...]
It’s Time, Finally, For The Postal Service To Figure Out What Its Products Cost To Deliver (Townhall) A Townhall column by Brian McNicoll on problems facing the United States Postal Service quotes from Lexington Institute Paul Steidler’s January 2019 Op-Ed for InsideSources. Steidler says it is important to replace old “attributable cost” methodologies and that “the Postal [Read More...]
American Postal Workers Union Postal News Roundup (APWU, AFL-CIO) The American Postal Workers Union featured a piece by Lexington Senior Fellow Paul Steidler, “Congress To Postmaster General: Provide A Turnaround Plan By July,” in their May 13 Postal News Roundup. “As a result of bipartisan demands at a House [Read More...]
To The Editor: USPS, Step Up In Drug Fight (Toledo Blade) Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler wrote a Letter to the Editor in the Toledo Blade urging the U. S. Postal Service to work harder in keeping fentanyl out of the United States. “The Postal Service’s letter protesting your excellent editorial, ‘Choke [Read More...]
Congressional Inaction Means Postal Service Collapse The U.S. Postal Service and the Trump Administration make for a pair of strange bedfellows, but they agree on this: without major Postal Reform action soon, the U.S. Postal Service could face a liquidity crisis. This will not only disrupt [Read More...]
Saving the Postal Service Requires Getting the Details Right Postal Trendwatch – May 2017 Change is frequently a difficult experience for many people, no matter how necessary or worthwhile they believe it to be.  This is certainly proving to be the case with the future of the U.S. Postal [Read More...]
Needed International Mail Reforms Inch Forward International Postal Update – January 2017 MODEST PROGRESS WITH NEW POSTAGE RATE SYSTEM  At the 26th Universal Postal Congress (UPU) this fall, member countries voted to institute a new payment system for letters and small packages shipped by international mail. [Read More...]
International Postal Update — October 2016 UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION CONGRESS TWEAKS TERMINAL DUES SYSTEM The Universal Postal Union, the governing organization for international mail, concluded its Istanbul Congress with modest revisions to its pricing system for shipments between designated postal operators. Member countries approved pricing changes [Read More...]
Postal Trendwatch – September 2016 Click here to download the full report as PDF. Mail Use Study Illustrates Postal Service’s Shifting Role Executive Summary Declines across categories of mail continue to cause gradual shifts to the U.S. Postal Service’s role in Americans’ everyday lives, according [Read More...]
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