Keeping The Lights On: How Electricity Policy Must Keep Pace With Technology Click here to download the full study as PDF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The basic functions of American society and economy are reliant upon uninterrupted access to electricity to an unprecedented degree. Meanwhile, requirements for systems that safeguard power reliability and quality [Read More...]
U.S. Electric Grid Needs Improved Cybersecurity The ability to generate and move electric power is the centerpiece of any civilization. Without power there would be virtually no communications, water supplies, food harvesting, processing or storage, or industrial production. This is why the security of the power [Read More...]
Is Renewable Energy Investment Set to Recover its Momentum? Global investment in renewable energy has declined in recent years, down 23 percent since 2011 to total $214 billion last year (excluding large hydro-electric projects). Only $5 billion of that investment came from direct government R&D spending, according to Bloomberg [Read More...]
National Electric Power Grid Must Be More Secure And Resilient Almost everyone from across the political spectrum can agree on at least this one thing: the nation’s electric power grid must be made more resilient. The grid has so many vulnerabilities and problems that there is something for almost anyone [Read More...]
An Insecure ‘Smart’ Grid is Not So Smart Defense News The electrical grid is vital not only to civil society but to the military as well. Defending it against the threats of the post-9/11 era requires strategic thinking to complement the grid’s focus on local interests and financial [Read More...]
Nation’s Power Grid Too Vulnerable? The electric power grid in the United States is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks and other threats, concluded a report issued on Wednesday by Congressmen Ed Markey (D-MA) and Henry Waxman (D-CA). “More than a dozen utilities” reported that deliberate cyber [Read More...]
Formalizing the National Guard Role in Restoring Electrical Power Homeland Security Today Disaster response and recovery experts are just beginning to fully assess the impacts of last year’s Hurricane Sandy, in which over four million people on the east coast lost power and hundreds of thousands had to make [Read More...]
Keeping the Lights On: Cyber Terrorism and the Power Grid Homeland Security Today The clear and present danger of cyber threats to our critical infrastructure, such as the national power grid, can no longer be ignored. Fortunately, the government began calling attention to cyber risks in the form of a [Read More...]
Ensuring The Resilience Of The U.S. Electrical Grid Executive Summary The North American power grid is a modern engineering marvel, and yet at the same time it is increasingly a system facing great risk of being disrupted by adverse events. Nearly all of the critical infrastructure elements upon [Read More...]
Smarter Grid is a Smart Investment Washington Examiner For thousands of years, nocturnal light was an expensive luxury. Today we can’t imagine life without cheap round-the-clock light. This is just one example of how the U.S. electrical grid is responsible for facilitating so much of the [Read More...]
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