SELLING SMART GRID TO AMERICANS President Obama's recent announcement of $3.4 billion in grants to help modernize the nation's energy grid was steeped in references to 21st-century technology.
November 2009 – Energy Regulation Trendwatch President Obama on October 26 announced $3.4 billion in grant awards for Smart Grid modernization. The nation’s largest such investment to date, funded under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, went to support 100 projects, out of some 400 applicants.
Next Steps For Smart Grid Smart Grid technology is coming. Over the next few years 17 million American homes will be equipped with advanced electric meters enabling two-way digital communication between your home and your utility. It’s not a moment too soon because the current business model for electric power is a relic of the 1930s. Utilities go on contract for routine demand. They haul coal to burn at power stations or lash up nuclear reactors to supply that demand.
Energy Regulation Trendwatch The federal Department of Energy has begun awarding up to $30 billion in loan guarantees for renewable energy projects. The agency announced its first, $535 million guarantee to Fremont, California commercial solar-cell manufacturer Solyndra, in March.
Why Nuclear Power Is Part Of America’s Future If you’re a Democrat or Independent, you may have one prejudice that doesn’t embarrass you a bit: you dislike nuclear power. Gallup polls consistently find that about 59% of Americans overall support the use of nuclear power, but the polls split when party affiliation, gender and household income are taken into account. Important groups of voters are still uneasy about nuclear power and Washington is finding it hard to take a long view.
Moving Forward On Smart Grid New information technologies make it possible to put in place a “smart grid” capable of two-way communication and many more functions to control supply and demand...
Climate-Change Initiatives Must Be Affordable The day after his inauguration, President Barack Obama awoke to find himself in charge of a government that is spending 25% of gross domestic product but taking in only 17%. At least, that's what the . . .
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