How to House and Pay for the Local Charter School Research Study Charter schools are one of the hottest innovations in American education. Led by independent operators who promise to deliver results in return for exemption from bureaucratic rules, they are injecting needed choice and competition into public education. The [Read More...]
Cleveland Vouchers Begin to Pay Dividends Article Published in the School Reform News News about Cleveland’s voucher program came in rapid-fire succession around the opening of the 1999-2000 school year. But perhaps the most significant development came last . . . and received the least coverage [Read More...]
Capitol Hill Teacher Union Conference On October 26, the Lexington Institute will be sponsoring a 9 AM – 12 Noon conference on Capitol Hill (2168 Rayburn House Office Building) on: “TheTeacher Unions: How School Choice is Breaking Their Monopoly.” The purpose of this conference is [Read More...]
A Goals 2000 in 2001 – or Is It Time to Turn the Page? Article Published in Education Week National education goals debuted as a movement in 1989 when President Bush and the nation’s Governors met to agree on a bipartisan, nationally coordinated effort to improve public education. In 1994, Congress passed the Clinton [Read More...]
Title VII Grants: Bilingual Education Programs That Hurt Kids Executive Summary Federal bilingual education programs are funded through discretionary grants from the Department of Education’s Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs directly to local education providers. “Federal bilingual education projects have demonstrated effectiveness in teaching English,” asserts [Read More...]
The Weighting Game for ‘Strivers’ Letter to the Editor, The Wall Street Journal “New Weights Can Alter SAT Scores” reported The Wall Street Journal in its August 31 Marketplace section. And among the weights the Educational Testing Service is adding so colleges can discern the [Read More...]
No Way to Learn Letter to the Editor, New York Daily News Your September 6 editorial is right on target with its assertion that “it is imperative that the Board of Ed make an honest assessment of its English language programs.” But English learners [Read More...]
Neutering Charter Schools Letter to the Editor, Investor’s Business Daily We agree with “Charter Schools in Choke Hold,” Anna Bray Duff, IBD, August 13, because the education establishment cannot abide fresh ideas or competition. The way to eliminate charter schools is to put [Read More...]
Raising Teacher Salaries Letter to the Editor, The New York Times To the Editor: Would elevating teachers’ salaries to the level of engineers’ mean that the quality of teaching would match that of engineering (Week in Review, August 8)? Not if teacher education [Read More...]
Old Bilingual Method is Discredited Article Published in the Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette Since last June, when California voters put an end to that state’s discredited bilingual education programs, policymakers, educators and parents around the nation have sought ways to make similar changes to [Read More...]
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