President Obama Supports Debt Relief for Greece (From The National Interest) Greece has implemented financial reforms, and now it is time to restructure Athens’ debt to allow its struggling economy to grow. Sustainable debt would increase investor confidence, improve the country’s credit rating, and play a significant role as to whether [Read More...]
Election Drivers Favor Clinton The internet and cable TV have never-ending primal screams about emails and locker room talk, but most presidential elections are decided on fundamentals, or at least with candidates that understand the fundamentals.  Five key fundamentals are: presidential job approval “direction [Read More...]
Blocking Exports: How Senator Shelby Is Hurting Alabama — And America Today marks the anniversary of one of the dumbest moves ever made by political zealots in Congress.  Last year, a misguided minority of House Republicans succeeded in shutting down the Export-Import Bank, making America the only major trading nation without [Read More...]
Brigadier General John Tuohy’s Speech: National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the U.S. Power Grid This speech was given by Brigadier General John Tuohy at the Lexington Institute’s Capitol Hill event on the National Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity for the U.S. Power Grid on June 21, 2016. BG Tuohy is the Assistant Adjutant General of [Read More...]
Why This Year’s Chaotic Primary Season Might Be A Positive Sign For America’s Future The political season is in high-gear in America, and as always there is no greater spectator sport.  The only thing missing is the cheerleaders (unless you count CNN).  This year’s drama is even more intense than usual.  We saw the [Read More...]
The New Landscape In American Manufacturing: What It Takes To Succeed Today Click here to download the full study as PDF. Findings In Brief 1. The landscape of American manufacturing has changed. Manufacturing has been a key ingredient in America’s success as a nation — an engine of economic growth, innovation and [Read More...]
Greece Struggles To Right Economy As Refugee Influx Adds to Woes The two major achievements of European integration, the common currency and the free movement of people, are in danger — and Greece is on the front lines in both cases. Even though the three international bailout loans accepted by Athens [Read More...]
A Threat to Public Safety, and the Economy, via International Mail Drug dealers are teaming up with an unlikely new business partner — the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service is unwittingly delivering increasing amounts of dangerous synthetic drugs — nasty compounds that can trigger unpredictable, violent behavior and overdoses but [Read More...]
Athens Must Abandon Euro To Survive Greece had its fifth election in six years on Sunday. For the second time this year Syriza won the majority of votes and formed a coalition with the Independent Greeks. Together, the two political parties hold 155 of the 300 [Read More...]
Greece’s Creditors Should Follow The IMF Report The European Central Bank (ECB), European Union (EU), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) make up the troika that manages bailout programs for countries in danger of default within the Eurozone. If a member of the troika objects to a [Read More...]
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