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Navy: Say Hello To Stealth And Unmanned Warplanes Loren is right to worry about the UCAS delay (posted August 13). But there’s a bigger issue. Remarkably, the Navy has so far failed to buy its fliers stealth fighter-attack aircraft (around since the early 1980s) or big unmanned planes [Read More...]
Have Republicans Abandoned Relativism? One of the nice things about being out of power is that parties can restore consistency to their agendas. Rather than catering to every constituency that might sway an election outcome, they can craft a coherent platform with which to [Read More...]
End Of Empire (II) Economists are in transition from the end-of-the-world pessimism that they express at the bottom of every recession to the all-is-well optimism they evince when recovery begins. We will soon be treated to non-stop praise of the American economy’s strength and [Read More...]
President Obama’s Job Approval Rating And Defense Spending A continued steep fall in President Obama’s job approval rating could have a dramatic impact on current defense spending and warfighting plans. But a careful look at the president’s position in current polls brings back the old adage about Russia: [Read More...]
Nuclear Weapons Industrial Base Needs Attention President Obama is not the first or only Chief Executive to support in principle the idea of a nuclear-free world. But his Administration has clearly put the process on a fast track with an agreement between Washington and Moscow to [Read More...]
UCAS Delay Could Be Only The Beginning Aerospace Daily reports the Navy has delayed the first flight of its Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) in order to investigate “anomalies” in the system’s performance. The current delay probably won’t last long, but the program is facing the prospect [Read More...]
Has President Obama Targeted The Defense Sector? A lot of workers and managers in the defense sector are reeling this summer from the fast, deep cuts the Obama administration has undertaken on a range of military platforms and programs. But they should not feel too lonely. In [Read More...]
The Secret Mission That Makes Subs Indispensible The Pentagon has begun building its fiscal 2011 budget request, which will be sent to the Congress next February. 2011 is the year that production of the Virginia-class attack submarine — the only class of subs the U.S. is currently [Read More...]
Pay Attention To The Arctic Region Climate change is being felt everywhere but possibly with no more significant strategic impacts than in the Arctic region. Global warming is melting portions of the polar ice cap, opening up new maritime transportation routes and creating new opportunities to [Read More...]
The Lurking Fear Behind Air Force Changes According to QDR insiders, Air Force leaders are pushing ahead with plans to buy a small fleet of propeller-driven planes for irregular warfare. The planes are better suited than jets to some tactical applications, and easier for unsophisticated partners like [Read More...]
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