Redefining Undersea Warfare for A New Century Article Published in the Sea Power The beginning of the third millennium in the year 2000 also marks a centennial in the history of undersea warfare. It was in autumn of 1900 that the U.S. Navy commissioned its first submarine, [Read More...]
“A Chemical or Biological Attack” Letter to the Editor Published in The Washington Post To the Editor: The June 26 op-ed essay by Frank Cilluffo and Thomas Herlihy (“First Responders to a Sneak Attack”) contained important insights into the vital role that local fire, medical [Read More...]
Letter to the Editor, Defense News To the Editor: George Seffers reports in the June 1 Defense News that the Army is planning to slash funding for modernization of its major combat vehicles. Elsewhere in the same issue, he discloses plans to cut back the Apache [Read More...]
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