The Script of War Article Published in The San Diego Union-Tribune President Bush has said that this will be a war like no other in U.S. history. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said it will not involve massive airstrikes and the maneuvers of [Read More...]
Retaliation Isn’t Enough Article Published in The Wall Street Journal It is now twenty years since President Ronald Reagan provoked controversy during his first year in office by proposing that the United States acquire the capacity to fight and win a nuclear war. [Read More...]
Key Technological Trends Since World War Two Issue Brief In the years after World War Two, the industrial west simultaneously experienced three technological revolutions — a nuclear revolution, a biomedical revolution, and a computing revolution. The interaction between these three hugely important developments largely defines the world [Read More...]
Origins of the Current Technological Revolution Issue Brief The goal of this lecture is to provide historical context for the technological ferment we see all around us today. As I told you last week, I believe we have arrived at a pivotal moment in human history, [Read More...]
The Military: Is Help on the Way or on the Wane? Article Published in the Los Angeles Times Like the San Gabriel Mountains emerging from the morning haze, the dim outlines of a Bush administration defense posture have begun to appear through the fog of bureaucratic warfare at the Pentagon. It [Read More...]
B1 Versus B-2: A Defining Moment for Donald Rumsfeld Issue Brief Shortly after the Kosovo air war ended, a senior Air Force officer called me into his office, closed the door, and said, “The B-1 bomber is a piece of shit. We ought to get rid of every one [Read More...]
Stormy Seas: U.S. Shipbuilders Face Big Challenges Article Published in the San Diego Union Tribune During America’s long ascent to global economic dominance, many industries have been left behind. Whaling. Footwear. Transistor radios and televisions. Economists say that such industrial evolution is inevitable as once-thriving enterprises are [Read More...]
Aircraft Carrier (In)Vulnerability Research Study The Navy’s twelve nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are among the most potent expressions of American military power. In recent years, though, there has been growing concern that changing mission requirements and enemy capabilities may make carriers more vulnerable to [Read More...]
Rumsfeld’s Reformation: The New Defense Secretary Faces Tough Choices Article Published in the San Diego Union Tribune These are difficult days for Donald Rumsfeld. A quarter century after serving as the nation’s youngest defense secretary in the years following the Vietnam War, he has returned to the Pentagon to [Read More...]
Comanche: One Means of Assuring America’s Margin of Safety Issue Brief According to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the Department of Defense will pursue strategic and force planning “to assure that the U.S. invests in the force for the future to assure that we have the necessary margin of [Read More...]
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