Homeland Security Research Study Since September 11, 2001, the nation has been struggling with the problem of responding to an ill-defined but potentially very large and complex terrorist threat. Initial homeland security efforts have sought to address obvious deficiencies in airline security, [Read More...]
Alliance Project Seminar On July 1, 2003, the Lexington Institute held the third in its seminar series on the limits of alliances. The speaker was Dr. Simon Serfaty, director of the European Studies Program at CSIS. The discussion focused largely on the Bush [Read More...]
Marine Corps Transformation : Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare Research Study The flexibility and persistence of the U.S. Navy in forward areas provides an ideal staging “ground” for a Marine Corps which is much more than simply an amphibious force. The Marine Corps’ new operational vision, Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare [Read More...]
Twilight of The Atlantic Alliance Issue Brief In early June, defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed to revitalize the alliance by streamlining its command structure, creating a rapid-response force, and acquiring more airlift for operations outside Europe. Having just endured a [Read More...]
NATO’S Decay and the Search for a Few Key Friends Remarks to the Heritage Foundation Conference on Global Alliances Thank you for inviting me to participate in this timely discussion of the role that alliances will play in America’s future security posture. The notes the foundation sent me for the [Read More...]
Defense Acquisition: Protect The Parts That Work Issue Brief The Bush Administration came to office determined to reform the defense acquisition process. It took too long to get new hardware into the field, weapons were often out of date by the time they were fielded and the [Read More...]
“Buy American” is Bad for America Issue Brief If you’ve never read The Federalist and were curious why the Founding Fathers thought Congress should have two chambers rather than one, there’s a clinical case-study of what concerned them unfolding right now in the U.S. House of [Read More...]
The Hidden Dangers Of Networked Warfare Issue Brief “Network-centric warfare” is the greatest military innovation of this generation. All the armed forces are being linked in a wireless web that will enable them to instantly assimilate and act on information from diverse sources. The resulting gains [Read More...]
Putting A Stop To The Issue Brief A modern day “gold rush” fever is threatening to overwhelm good sense and the acquisition process. DoD is being inundated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle concepts, often systems built of nothing but viewgraphs, that are in some notable cases [Read More...]
Keep Raptor On Track Issue Brief Isn’t it a relief to have Republicans running the Pentagon, since they’re the only party that has demonstrated a commitment to modernizing U.S. military forces? Just kidding. It wasn’t Democrats who cut the B-2 bomber program from 132 [Read More...]
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