Lockheed Martin Shores Up Supply Chain, Continuing Hiring Amid Coronavirus (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin, the nation’s biggest military contractor, disclosed steps this week to cope with the spread of coronavirus. Chairman & CEO Marillyn Hewson said the company will sustain production of defense items while protecting workers and making its capabilities available [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon’s THAAD Missile Defense System Is Becoming Critical To Protection Of The U.S. Homeland (From Forbes) The complexity of nuclear threats posed to the U.S. homeland by North Korea is expected to grow, requiring military planners to add a second layer to the nation’s missile defense architecture. If each line of defense in a two-layer architecture [Read More...]
SOCOM Has Solved The Military’s ‘Tower Of Babel’ Problem (From RealClearDefense) According to the Bible, all humanity once spoke the same language. But when the people sought to build a tower that would reach to the Heavens, God responded by causing them to suddenly speak different languages so they could not [Read More...]
Coronavirus Threatens To End America’s Long Run As A Leader In Commercial Aviation (From Forbes) U.S. companies participating in the production of jetliners are facing a liquidity crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aircraft deliveries have ceased, the supply chain is breaking down, and many companies face the near-term prospect of bankruptcy. Without federal assistance, [Read More...]
Sanctions Won’t Bust Russia-Venezuela Relationship (From RealClearWorld) Washington recently issued new sanctions against the Venezuelan state airline, CONVIASA, and Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, in the hope of severing some of Venezuela’s ties to Russia as one of the authoritarian Maduro government’s major financial supporters and political [Read More...]
Marillyn Hewson Finds A Timely Successor To Lead Lockheed Martin (From Forbes) The world’s biggest military contractor disclosed a change in leadership on Monday. Lockheed Martin Chairman & CEO Marillyn Hewson will relinquish her job to James Taiclet on June 15. Taiclet, currently Chairman & CEO of American Tower, is a former [Read More...]
Boeing Insitu’s Extended-Range Blackjack Is Changing How The Joint Force Thinks About Unmanned Aircraft Systems (From Forbes) Until a few years ago, small unmanned aircraft had an effective operating radius of 50 miles or so because they were tethered to line-of-sight communications. Satellite links might have given them greater reach, but the necessary equipment exceeded their payload [Read More...]
U.S. Navy Takes A Risky Leap Into The Unknown With NGEN-R (From RealClearDefense) The Navy just awarded a contract to manage, support and modernize its largest IT networks. In doing so, the Navy, in effect, made the decision to dismiss the two companies that have supported its IT efforts for decades, in favor [Read More...]
FTC’s Case Against Qualcomm May Be Collapsing (From The National Interest) The United States is in a race against China to develop and deploy 5G networks. Potentially impacting the U.S.’s ability to compete is a recent federal district court decision that ordered Qualcomm, this country’s leading semi-conductor company to provide its [Read More...]
Nuclear Threats Are Growing. How Should U.S. Missile Defenses Be Upgraded? (From Forbes) The U.S. has a grand total of one program in its entire military arsenal capable of intercepting long-range nuclear warheads aimed at America. It is called the Ground-based Midcourse Defense, and within ten years it is likely to lose its [Read More...]
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