Why Italy Is Pivotal To U.S. Strategy In The Mediterranean (From Real Clear Defense) As founding members of NATO, the United States and Italy have enjoyed a productive security relationship since the end of World War Two. But in recent years, the post-Cold War strategic status quo in the Mediterranean has been eroded by [Read More...]
Lend-Lease and European Security: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, incessant military and other probes against NATO members, sustained military buildup, and constant efforts to project power beyond its borders present NATO with difficult operational and strategic quandaries. A particularly intractable issue confronting NATO is [Read More...]
Russia Could Create Problems In This Important Eastern European Country (From The National Interest) For almost two decades, Russia has been interfering in the domestic politics of other nations. It is not just the big countries such as Ukraine or NATO members like the Baltic States, Hungary or Romania that are under pressure from [Read More...]
How A Dangerous Court Ruling Could Give China The Lead In 5G Technology (From The National Interest) Despite a chronic trade deficit in advanced technology products, the United States remains a global trendsetter for networking and telecommunications. U.S. companies are currently in a battle with Chinese state-influenced enterprises like Huawei that will determine whether American dominance continues [Read More...]
$22B Navy Contract Highlights Why GD’s Electric Boat Is One Of The Most Valuable Franchises In U.S. Defense (From Forbes) The Electric Boat unit of General Dynamics has received a $22 billion contract from the Navy to build the next nine Virginia-class attack submarines. EB, as it is called, will share the work with Huntington Ingalls Industries. However, Electric Boat [Read More...]
U.S. Navy Plans To Stop Buying P-8 Poseidon Sub Hunters Despite Growing Undersea Threat (From Forbes) The P-8 Poseidon is the U.S. Navy’s only long-range aircraft for conducting anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. The Navy says its has a validated warfighting requirement for 138 of the aircraft, but apparently it will fund no additional Poseidons beyond the [Read More...]
President Trump Should Offer To Sell M-1 Tanks To Poland (From RealClearDefense) When Poland joined the NATO alliance in 1999, its military was saddled with rapidly obsolescing platforms and equipment largely of Soviet design. In response to the Russian seizure of Crimea and its massive military buildup, Warsaw initiated a major modernization [Read More...]
Jones Act Oil Rig Legislation Is Latest Controversy For Struggling Commercial Shipbuilders (From Forbes) Over the last four decades, America has gone from being the biggest builder of commercial ships used in conducting international trade to producing no such ships at all. Only 1% of oceangoing container ships and tankers are now built in [Read More...]
The FTC’s Suit Against Qualcomm Is A Serious Threat To National Security (From RealClearDefense) The competition to be the first to invent the next global wireless standard, known as 5G, is of extraordinary importance not just to the U.S. economy, but to national security. Today, the United States is in a head-to-head race with [Read More...]
Air Force Plan To Sole-Source Future ICBM Raises Fairness, Process Concerns (From Forbes) The Air Force is apparently moving to award its $85 billion replacement program for the Minuteman ICBM to Northrop Grumman. Boeing, the other offeror in what was supposed to be a competition, withdrew alleging that the deck had been stacked [Read More...]
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