Electronic Warfare Is Becoming The Most Lethal Counter Drone Technology (From RealClearDefense) There is a new urgency to the search for cost-effective counters to the growing threat posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones. Large, high-flying UASs can be countered by anti-aircraft systems, although this is an expensive solution. But new [Read More...]
What Weapons Will The Air Force Kill In Its 2021 Budget? (From Forbes) The Air Force has reviewed all of its programs — over a thousand projects — with an eye to determining whether they fit with the Trump national defense strategy. The items that don’t fit will become bill-payers for new projects [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin Offers To Shoulder Risks On F-35 Maintenance With Fixed-Price, Performance-Based Contract (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin is proposing to assume most of the risk for sustaining the tri-service F-35 fighter. Under an offer presented to the Pentagon in August, the company would reach and exceed fleet readiness of 80% by 2025 for a fixed [Read More...]
Secret Pentagon Space Plan Driven By Fear Of China (From Forbes) The U.S. military has become alarmed by threats to its space systems, and most of the danger originates in China. The Pentagon doesn’t disclose intelligence about the vulnerability of America’s orbital assets or what “counterspace” initiatives it believes Beijing is [Read More...]
South Korea And Japan Are Weaponizing History (From RealClearDefense) By poking at historical wounds to consolidate domestic support, South Korea and Japan risk more than just diplomacy. The escalation of tensions between Seoul and Tokyo is couched in terms of contested historical memory, but its effects have more direct [Read More...]
Backing NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program Could Help Democrats Win Back The White House (From Forbes) The Trump Administration has a plan for returning U.S. astronauts to the Moon, and there’s no evidence that Democratic presidential candidates are going to support it. President Obama gutted his predecessor’s effort to do something similar. However, failing to back [Read More...]
Poland Is Becoming the Keystone of NATO’s Evolving Security Architecture (From RealClearDefense) The Republic of Poland is rapidly becoming the critical member of the NATO Alliance in its increasing efforts to deter Russian military threats and counter Moscow’s attempts to subvert European democracy. Poland is no free rider when it comes to [Read More...]
Japan Seeks Record Military Budget (From RealClearDefense) Japan’s Ministry of Defense has proposed a 1.2% military spending increase in 2020, taking the annual budget to a record 5.32 trillion yen (about $50 billion). If approved, the budget would mark the eighth consecutive hike in military spending since [Read More...]
Why Aircraft Carriers Are The Most Cost-Effective Way Of Containing China’s Military (From Forbes) There has been a lot of speculation lately about how China’s heavy investment in new military capabilities might be compromising the survivability of U.S. aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific. In reality, though, the carriers are less vulnerable today than [Read More...]
Identifying Banned Chinese Electronics On DoD Networks (From RealClearDefense) Last year, Congress directed the U.S. government to remove all Chinese-made surveillance cameras from their networks and security systems. Congress and many experts believed that these devices or their components had so-called back doors that allowed the companies that made [Read More...]
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