UTC Boss Knows Something About The Art Of The Deal (From Financial Times) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson comments on United Technologies Chairman and CEO, Greg Hayes, for the Financial Times. He referred to Hayes as “about as numbers driven as an executive can get” and noted “He does not have a strong sentimental [Read More...]
Top 100: Inside BAE’s Commercial Tech Strategy (From Washington Technology) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson and his April column for Forbes are mentioned by Ross Wilkers writing about BAE Systems, Inc. for Washington Technology. Thompson is highlighted for publicizing BAE Systems’ FAST Labs. “Thompson described FAST Labs as a much different [Read More...]
The Next Frontier Of Military Communications (From Army Technology) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson and his September 2018 Forbes column are quoted in Andrew Tunnicliffe’s Army Technology article about modernizing the military communications field. “The basic idea was to field a family of radios and waveforms that could be modified [Read More...]
HASC Chairman Smith Earmarks $500M Giveaway For SpaceX, Potentially Aborting Air Force Space Plans (From Forbes) The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has proposed language in the 2020 defense authorization act that would provide Elon Musk’s SpaceX with up to $500 million so that it can continue pursuing military launch contracts despite not receiving [Read More...]
US Special Ops Want A-29 Super Tucanos To Battle Terrorists In Africa (From Fox News) Members of Congress would like to see a more expansive use of the A-29 Super Tucano aircraft in various global hotspots as a way to support U.S. Special Operations Forces and continue needed counterinsurgency efforts. The A-29 is turboprop light [Read More...]
Raytheon-United Technologies: A Powerhouse Whose Size Shouldn’t Matter To Regulators (From Forbes) The proposed merger of Raytheon and United Technologies would create a vast aerospace and defense enterprise, but it would have no negative impacts on the competitive landscape.  Raytheon Chairman & CEO Tom Kennedy told me on June 10 that he [Read More...]
Trump Fears Raytheon-UTC Deal Hurts Competition. Not So Fast, Analyst Says (From Washington Business Journal) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson responds to President Trump’s concerns about the lack of competition with a Raytheon-United Technologies Corporation merger in a Washington Business Journal article. His June 10 Forbes column was also referenced. Thompson referred to the impact on [Read More...]
Here Is One Big Way Trump Can Boost the Economy: We Need More Aviation Workers (From The National Interest) In February, some 40 aerospace industry associations sent a letter to the Secretary of Transportation and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget warning that “the U.S. aviation industry is facing a technician and pilot shortage that threatens [Read More...]
United Technologies, Raytheon Are in Deal Talks (From Bloomberg) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson commented on the merger between United Technologies and Raytheon for Bloomberg.  “Clearly, Greg Hayes has decided that he wants to fashion the biggest aerospace and defense enterprise in the world” Thompson told Bloomberg about the United [Read More...]
Defense Contractor L3 Technologies Surges As It Prepares To Enter Big Leagues (From Forbes) After spending much of its corporate history as a very-low-visibility supplier to America’s military, L3 Technologies is stepping out on the eve of its merger with Harris Corporation.  The resulting combination will be the sixth-biggest military contractor in the world, [Read More...]
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