Army Next-Gen Combat Vehicle Chief Drives Digital Development Strategy (From Forbes) The Army is developing a successor to its Bradley infantry fighting vehicle called the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV). The winning design will prioritize survivability, mobility, growth and lethality. That shouldn’t come as any surprise. But the way the Army [Read More...]
Jefferson’s Political Revolution Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, so it is probably too late for you and me to achieve such a notable level of fame. He also attempted, in his draft, to blast the [Read More...]
Marine CH-53K Emerges As The Fastest, Cheapest Way To Find A Future Army Heavy Lifter (From Forbes) The U.S. Marine Corps has spent $7 billion developing a helicopter that can lift more cargo than any other military rotorcraft in the world. Called the CH-53K King Stallion, it will allow marines to quickly move armored trucks and field [Read More...]
Resisting Russian and Chinese Influence, Post-Lockdown Italy Stands by NATO (From RealClearDefense) The coronavirus has precipitated border shutdowns and scapegoating between countries, but it has not done much to erode the sturdy foundations of international alliances. Even with the U.S. pulling away from the WHO, its NATO partnerships, for now, remain cohesive. [Read More...]
How Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative Works To Minimize Covid-19 Spread (From Forbes) The coronavirus pandemic may be with us in one form or another for years to come. If an effective vaccine is not developed promptly, the air travel industry will have to find other ways of making aircraft use safe for [Read More...]
Military Modernization & Readiness Could Plunge If Congress Doesn’t Appropriate Funds To Cover Industry’s Coronavirus Costs (From Forbes) The U.S. defense industry has incurred costs of $20 billion or more coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these costs are traceable to a government determination early in the crisis that defense production is an essential activity. As the [Read More...]
The F-35 Will Give Poland A More Advanced Air Force Than Some Major NATO Allies (From The National Interest) This past January, the Polish government took the bold step to acquire thirty-two F-35A Joint Strike Fighters (JSF). Poland is becoming a major player in NATO. It is working to modernize its air, sea and land forces. It is also [Read More...]
Japan Needs To Reconsider Its Decision To Suspend Its Aegis Ashore Deployments (From RealClearDefense) This week, Japan’s Defense Minister, Taro Kono, surprised the world by announcing the decision to suspend construction in his country of two missile defense sites. This decision could not have come at a worse time for both the security of [Read More...]
Restive Workforce Aggravates Competitive Challenge At Bath Iron Works, A Key Navy Supplier (From Forbes) Negotiations over a new three-year contract between the management at Bath Iron Works and its biggest union have reached an impasse. If the local votes to go out on strike, it could add to construction delays the yard is already [Read More...]
Five Reasons James Taiclet Is An Ideal Successor To Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson (From Forbes) This is the week that Marillyn Hewson relinquished the helm of Lockheed Martin to her handpicked successor, James Taiclet. As President & CEO of the world’s leading military contractor, Taiclet will have some big shoes to fill, because Hewson is [Read More...]
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