Using Commercial Satellites To Control Nuclear Weapons Is A Bad Idea — But It’s Being Discussed (From Forbes) Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said at a June meeting that his service might consider using commercial satellites to assure connectivity with strategic nuclear forces. The basic idea is to have as many pathways for controlling the [Read More...]
The Great Industrial Competition: Mergers, Acquisitions And Geopolitical Events Fuel Revenue (DefenseNews) Lexington Institute’s Daniel Goure is referenced in Aaron Mehta’s article for DefenseNews on a trend of rising global defense industry revenues. Goure commented on the merger of L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation, as well as Raytheon and United Technologies. Goure [Read More...]
Shaping Space Career Tracks; Navy Recon Aircraft Shadowed; INDOPACOM Boss Urges Policy Change (Air Force Magazine) Lexington Institute’s Daniel Goure has his Fifth Domain article, “How to protect the growing internet of battlefield things,” included in Air Force Magazine’s Daily Report. “It is imperative that the Pentagon implement a security framework that allows only authorized [Read More...]
A 3-star to CNO? What could go wrong? The Drift, Vol. XL (From DefenseNews) Lexington Institute’s Dan Goure spoke with DefenseNews’ David B. Larter on “The Drift” about the incoming Chief of Naval Operations, 3-star Vice Adm. Michael Gilday. “Clearly, the major issue is the size and composition of the fleet and moving to [Read More...]
Five Problems That Could Torpedo America’s Naval Shipbuilding Capability (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy’s shipbuilders are currently awash in business thanks to a sizable increase in the Pentagon budget under President Trump. However, defense buildups typically don’t last long, whereas some of the the naval shipbuilding sector’s problems have been chronic [Read More...]
Trump: Administration To Review Pentagon Computer Contract (From Associated Press) Lexington Institute’s Daniel Goure comments on Matt O’Brien’s and Darlene Superville’s article for the Associated Press on Trump plan to review a contract the Pentagon is awarding for the Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI). There have been [Read More...]
How To Protect The Growing Internet Of Battlefield Things (From Fifth Domain) Soon, everything and everyone on the battlefield will be connected, often carrying multiple sensors, computers and communications devices. This emerging Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) will transform the American way of war. But at the same time, it could create [Read More...]
Congress Should Fully Fund The Air Force’s Long-Overdue Competition For A Safer Ejection Seat (From Forbes) The Air Force determined in 2010 that its combat pilots needed better ejection seats for coping with on-board emergencies. Heavier headgear was increasing the neck and head stress associated with ejections, while an increasingly diverse population of cockpit occupants didn’t [Read More...]
‘Nobody’s Smoother’: Trump Defense Secretary Nominee Fully Prepared For Senate Showdown (From The Washington Times) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson comments on the nomination of Mark Esper for Secretary of Defense, and the vote ahead in the Senate to confirm him in Ben Wolfgang’s article for The Washington Times. “Nobody’s smoother,” said Thompson. “The difference between [Read More...]
The Warfighters Need a War Cloud Now (From RealClearDefense) Advances in networking and computing are driving modern warfare away from its centuries-old segmentation based on domains – land, sea, air, outer space and, most recently, cyber – and towards what has been called multi-domain operations (MDO). To win a [Read More...]
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