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Rescuing Old Havana A clash of two sounds greets visitors to La Habana Vieja, Havana’s historic center. One is that of ubiquitous bands in parks, cafes and restaurants, with singers’ voices and percussionists’ rhythms blending into each other, block by block. The other [Read More...]
The Farmer’s Market: Crossroads of Cuba’s New Economy Farmers markets stand out as an exception to the economic rules that govern socialist Cuba. They rely on production incentives, market-based pricing, and a large measure of independent economic activity to help perform the economy’s most vital function: putting food [Read More...]
Hard Currency Payments to Workers Boost Buying Power for Many Cubans “Transition” is a loaded word in Cuba because of its political overtones. Officials, the party, and even Havana billboards assert that “there will be no transition government” in Cuba. The economy, however, is another matter. Just as Cuba has developed [Read More...]
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