Let Yankee Tourists Shower Dollars on Cuba’s Poor In her final press conference as Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright’s message to the Cuban people was succinct. In reference to the aging Fidel Castro she said, “I wish them the actuarial tables.” It was an odd statement on behalf [Read More...]
Let Americans Travel Freely to Cuba Article Published in the Miami Herald This New Year’s Eve in Havana, 74-year-old Fidel Castro celebrated his 42nd year in power. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, especially after the Soviet Union’s demise put Cuba on the brink of [Read More...]
A Policy toward Cuba That Serves U.S. Interests Executive Summary More than a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Fidel Castro remains in charge in Havana, despising capitalism, taunting the Cuban-American community in Miami, theorizing about the evils of globalization, and keeping up with every imaginable [Read More...]
The Farmer’s Market: Crossroads of Cuba’s New Economy Farmers markets stand out as an exception to the economic rules that govern socialist Cuba. They rely on production incentives, market-based pricing, and a large measure of independent economic activity to help perform the economy‚Äôs most vital function: putting food [Read More...]
GOP Leaders: New Coalitions Call for New Cuba Policy Eight prominent Republican leaders in defense, trade, and international policy say U.S. policy toward Cuba would be improved by ending the embargo on food and medicine sales, lifting all restrictions on travel by American citizens, and sunsetting the 1996 Helms-Burton [Read More...]
Cuba’s Economy and the Impact of American Engagement Testimony Before the International Trade Commission Mr. Chairman, members of the Commission: I appreciate this opportunity to testify and would like to focus on sectors of the Cuban economy that have changed significantly in the past decade, and how economic [Read More...]
Where Capitalists and Socialists May Agree: Future Issues in Cuban Economic Policy Remarks at at a conference of the Georgetown University Caribbean Project: “Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Cuban Economy in the Next Decade There is a lot of talk about “transition” in Cuba as if it is a process that will [Read More...]
We Can Further Ties With Cuba Without Sacrificing Our Concern For Human Rights” Article Published in the Bridge News (Washington, DC) The following article was distributed nationally by the Bridge News syndicate in New York. It appeared with the headline above on May 2, 2000 in the Montgomery Advertiser in Montgomery, Alabama. Will [Read More...]
Potential for Progress in U.S.-Cuba Relations Remarks of Philip Peters, Vice President of the Lexington Institute, at the Annual Congress of the Latin America Studies Association Miami, Florida Relations between Cuba and America take place on two levels, shaped by two basic facts. First is the [Read More...]
Ryan is Right on Cuba Article Published in The Chicago Tribune Illinois leaders are of two minds about Cuba. Gov. George Ryan, looking to the future, is going to Havana to deliver food and medical aid and explore trade opportunities. Rep. Dennis Hastert uses his [Read More...]
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