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Issue #7 Testimony to Senate Finance Committee Statement of Philip Peters Vice President, Lexington Institute before the Committee on Finance United States Senate September 4, 2003 Mr. Chairman, Members of the Committee: Thank you for inviting me to testify on a subject of great importance to American [Read More...]
Issue #6 Cuba Imposes New Foreign Exchange Controls On July 16, Cuba’s central bank announced new foreign exchange controls that apply to Cuban banks and state enterprises. The new regulations, intended to ensure “efficient use of financial resources,” will “establish the use of the convertible peso as the [Read More...]
Issue #5 The Imperfect Migration Accords At Work The Bush Administration set domestic politics aside and sent a strong signal against hijacking and illegal migration when it turned over to Cuban authorities a dozen Cubans who last week commandeered a vessel and attempted to reach the United States. [Read More...]
Issue #4 The Bush Cuba Policy After Two Years As the President prepares to address Cuban Americans at a White House ceremony today, he faces a situation where his Cuba policy and his Cuban American political strategy may both fall short of their objectives. The Administration has stated the [Read More...]
Issue #3 The Bush Administration unveils its travel policy The Bush Administration had a problem in its Cuba policy: As ever-increasing majorities of the House of Representatives have voted to end the Cuba travel ban, it has insisted on maintaining the travel ban to deny hard currency to the [Read More...]
Issue #2: Cuba Responds to Growing Drug Problems Until recently, the Cuban government said that there was only a minimal drug consumption problem in Cuba, fed by unscrupulous tourists, by Cubans who cultivated small amounts of marijuana, or by Cubans who chose to profit from bales of drugs [Read More...]
Issue #1: Introducing the Cuba Policy Report The Lexington Institute’s e-mail newsletter, the Cuba Policy Report, will cover events and trends in Cuba and developments in U.S. policy toward Cuba. The newsletter will be issued as events warrant, an issue or so per month, so we will [Read More...]
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