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Issue #17 Like a New Man The American press reported a CIA assessment that Fidel Castro has Parkinson’s disease, and the Cuban president responded last November 17 with a four-hour speech that showed stamina and a sense that this comandante en jefe, at age 79 and [Read More...]
Issue #16 The Man Who Could Not Take a Hint Luis Posada Carriles, a man who has admitted involvement in terrorist acts, ended up in federal custody May 17 and now faces immigration charges and potential long-term detention. His case presents the Bush Administration with a conflict between the clear [Read More...]
Issue #15 La Voz de Miami Both sides of the Cuba debate made news in Washington on April 27, but only one side was covered in detail by the U.S. government’s broadcasts to Cuba. More than 600 activists came to Washington for “Cuba Action Day” to [Read More...]
Issue #14 Cuba’s International Economic Strategy Pays Off Rather than rely on expanded market-based reforms, Cuba has embarked on a series of long-term international economic initiatives geared toward strengthening the state economy and increasing trade, aid, and investment. Several of these initiatives have come to fruition in recent [Read More...]
Issue #13 De-Dollarization For Cuba, it seems that the dollar may be more trouble than it’s worth. Soon, greenbacks will not be accepted in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, or any other commercial outlet in Cuba. Cuba is not abandoning its dual economy where [Read More...]
Issue #12 “Transition” in Detail In the Library of Congress there are thick, yellowing volumes whose brittle pages show how the United States governed Cuba a century ago. These annual reports of the U.S. Army officers who were the military governors of Cuba seem to [Read More...]
Issue #11 Dieting for Democracy Depending on the outcome of a debate that President Bush may settle as soon as today, Cuban families themselves may be targeted, and their welfare harmed, by new measures that would prevent Cuban Americans from sending money to help their [Read More...]
Issue #10 “Transition” With the world’s attention focused on political change in Iraq, the Bush Administration is making plans for a transition closer to home, in Cuba. The Administration has created a commission to devise methods to hasten a transition to democracy in [Read More...]
Issue #9 President Bush Courts Old Miami The Cuba policy remarks President Bush delivered last Friday were more notable for their embrace of Miami’s most hard-line, first-generation segment of the Cuban exile community than for their relatively modest substance. First-generation exiles, grouped today in organizations such as [Read More...]
Issue #8 Miami Counterpoint The Cuba debate permeates South Florida every day, but it took an unusual turn last Saturday when the Bush Administration, having learned that a summit of pro-engagement groups would take place at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, convened its [Read More...]
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