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Illinois English Learners Stuck in a Broken System In response to a 2007 report revealing rampant problems, a U.S. district judge ruled last month that 100 Chicago public school principals must complete depositions about their schools’ bilingual programs. That process is now moving forward, but the underlying cause [Read More...]
Failing Los Ninos: New York’s Bilingual Ed Still A Disaster Article published in The New York PostIn the last four years, Mayor Bloomberg has committed at least $20 million to reforming bilingual programs. But immigrant children continue to fall through the cracks. It’s time for him to rediscover his [Read More...]
English Proficiency Cannot be Purchased Article published in The Arizona Daily StarIt’s been more than four years since Arizona passed Proposition 203, which mandated that the state’s schools switch from bilingual programs to English immersion education. But Arizona schools are still not teaching English [Read More...]
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