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Postal Pay At A Premium Letter to the Editor – Washington PostThe March 23 news story “Postal Service Finances Bleak” said that the Postal Service’s financial troubles stem mainly from a decline in mail volume. The real problem is out-of-control labor costs. According to [Read More...]
Deliver Us From The Postal Service Monopoly Article Published in the Hartford Courant (CT)Some 1,300 U.S. postmasters will rally on Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to protect the Postal Service’s monopoly on letter-mail delivery. Although the 42,000-member National Association of Postmasters claims to be supporting [Read More...]
After Supreme Court Ruling, Where Won’t The Post Office Compete Next? Issue BriefImagine an enormous company – an organization with the largest workforce of any U.S. company except Wal-Mart. Yet it doesn’t pay taxes, ignores SEC guidelines, and sells fraudulent products to consumers. It has a complete monopoly in its [Read More...]
Funding The Fight Against Ricin And Anthrax Op Ed Published in the National Review OnlineLast month’s discovery of ricin at a Senate office building has put the specter of postal terrorism back in the headlines. The U.S. Postal Service has analyzed the danger and come up [Read More...]
Bring Back the 34-Cent Stamp Article Published in the Providence (RI) JournalSay goodbye to the 37-cent stamp. The U.S. Postal Service is fixing to raise rates again, and plans to file for an increase next year. Representatives recently announced that stamp prices are likely [Read More...]
If Only Lance Delivered Our Mail Article Published in The Indianapolis StarLike the mythic postmen of yore who were delayed by “neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow nor gloom of night,” it seems Lance Armstrong can’t be stopped from winning the Tour de France. On [Read More...]
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