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Success with English Learners: Parental Involvement is Essential Our Children (The PTA National Magazine)Many of the most important challenges in American public education can be framed by considering the deeply troubling statistics and trends regarding our high school graduates. For instance, 17 of the 50 largest cities [Read More...]
District shows why Illinois shouldn’t mandate bilingual education The Courier News (Elgin, Ill.)Earlier this year, Illinois’ Diamond Lake School District 76 made headlines for its dramatic improvements in test scores by English Language Learners. However, because District 76’s innovative instructional programs put it at odds with the [Read More...]
English Language Learners in Illinois – What Worked and What Didn’t Research StudyBilingual education should be optional, not mandatory. There are states, such as Illinois, that mandate bilingual education. This paper describes the programs and practices used in Illinois’ Diamond Lake School District 76, which achieved remarkable gains in English [Read More...]
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