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Britain’s Trump Fails Again Boris Johnson, describing himself as the ‘Hulk’, has borrowed from Trump’s playbook to ‘smash’ his Brexit policy through parliament. Too bad he’s only ‘incredible’ in a very literal sense.  Those who are bewildered by the current state of American politics [Read More...]
South Korea And Japan Are Weaponizing History (From RealClearDefense) By poking at historical wounds to consolidate domestic support, South Korea and Japan risk more than just diplomacy. The escalation of tensions between Seoul and Tokyo is couched in terms of contested historical memory, but its effects have more direct [Read More...]
Japan Seeks Record Military Budget (From RealClearDefense) Japan’s Ministry of Defense has proposed a 1.2% military spending increase in 2020, taking the annual budget to a record 5.32 trillion yen (about $50 billion). If approved, the budget would mark the eighth consecutive hike in military spending since [Read More...]
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