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Defense Executive Rebuts Flawed Accounts Of Global Arms Trade Retired Lockheed Martin Senior Vice President Robert H. Trice was so incensed by the errors he saw in recent accounts of the global arms trade that he wrote this rebuttal, describing the real situation. Trice spent much of his career [Read More...]
Modestly-Sized Aerospace & Defense Sector Is Major National Asset The aerospace and defense industry may be the most misunderstood sector of the national economy. With fewer than a million employees, the industry makes a disproportionate contribution to the nation’s strength and prosperity. In this fact-filled essay, former Lockheed Martin [Read More...]
Federal Proposal Boosts Rewards For Teachers Who Raise Student Achievement Issue BriefAcross the nation, the concept of merit pay for teachers and principals who help raise student achievement is rapidly gaining political momentum. From California to Virginia, Governors of both political parties have boosted the idea of pay for [Read More...]
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