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Multiculturalism and “Social Justice” in American Public Education Research Study When school boards spend thousands of tax dollars to send teachers to education conferences around the country, they have a reasonable expectation that the attendees will bring back knowledge and skills that will be put to constructive use [Read More...]
Do America’s Schoolchildren Understand What Unites Us? Biloxi (MS) Sun Herald On this recent Independence Day weekend, Americans celebrated with picnics, parades, and fireworks, but do we reflect much on the great ideas behind the founding of the nation? Do today’s children even know what the Fourth [Read More...]
Analyze the Pre-K Investment Payoff Roanoke (VA) Times Universal prekindergarten for 4-year-olds entered the political debate in Virginia when Gov. Timothy Kaine began a (so-far-unsuccessful) push for it. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, who was endorsed by Kaine early on, supports government-funded early childhood [Read More...]
Bias, Politics, Distort Kids’ History Lessons Los Angeles Daily News Modern textbooks shy away from presenting a positive picture of Christianity and Judaism as important influences in molding the United States of America. Thanks to multicultural activism, that caution does not hold for the way many [Read More...]
Before Embracing Universal Pre-K, Lets Take a Look at the Research Article Manchester (NH) Union-Leader As support for universal prekindergarten continues to gain momentum, numerous plans for new federal programs are beginning to receive increased attention. But would the benefits of such a program justify the substantial price tag? Are there [Read More...]
How Sound an Investment? An Analysis of Federal Prekindergarten Proposals Research Study The question of increasing the federal government’s investment in early childhood education and development programs has begun to factor prominently into recent public discussions of educational priorities. Proponents of such plans are quick to point to research findings [Read More...]
The Multicultural Assault on United States History Article Manchester (NH) Union-Leader In his January 11, 1989 farewell address after eight years as President, Ronald Reagan warned that the teaching of U.S. history could be going into irreversible decline in the nation’s elementary and secondary schools. “If we [Read More...]
The Uses of Humility in Virginia School Reform Issue Brief “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble,” goes the sarcastic lyric of an old Mac Davis country song, “when you’re perfect in every way.” Is Virginia among the states high in pride and short on humility when it [Read More...]
Was Ehrlich Right About Multiculturalism? Article published in The Baltimore Sun When he was Governor of Maryland in 2004, Bob Ehrlich stirred a hornet’s nest when he denounced multiculturalism as “bunk” on a talk radio show. Because many Americans believe multiculturalism merely means teaching children [Read More...]
Portfolio Assessment: How To Weaken Accountabilit For $23 Billion in NCLB Spending Issue Brief As they consider reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind law, Democratic congressional leaders amazingly are giving serious consideration to reviving portfolio assessment as a primary way to gauge the effectiveness of the $23 billion program of federal school [Read More...]
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