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No Conozco Mucho Sobre Historia –Y Ese Es El Problema El Periodico USA (McAllen, TX) Los norteamericanos no saben de historia, tanto como creen, pero su conocimiento de la cultura popular sobrepasa todos los records. Una nueva encuesta del American Revolution Center (ARC), una organización no-partidista, sin fines de lucro, [Read More...]
Charter Schools Fulfill Jefferson Vision of Education for All Richmond Times-Dispatch Even though national experts generally have given Virginia high marks for its Standards of Learning, those public schools at the bottom rungs of the achievement ladder continue to show little improvement 15 years after the SOL’s adoption. While [Read More...]
Don’t Know Much About History – And Why That Matters Americans don’t know nearly as much about U.S. history as they think they know. But their knowledge of popular culture is off the charts. A new survey commissioned by the non-profit, non-partisan American Revolution Center (ARC) indicated that 80 percent [Read More...]
The Teaching of American History: Promise and Performance Research Study The appalling results of de-emphasizing the study of U.S. history in elementary and secondary schools have become painfully obvious in recent years. In the most recent round of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only one fourth of [Read More...]
Obama Tests Teacher Unions with “Bush III” Reforms Article Detroit News When they look back on the Obama years, the national teacher unions may reflect in Dickensian manner that “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . . it was the spring [Read More...]
Will Virginia Dumb Itself Down by Accepting National Standards? Richmond Times-Dispatch Virginia is one of 46 states lined up in support of the campaign led by Washington-based lobbyists and backed by the Obama administration to write National Education Standards. The collaborationists are starting with reading and math. The first [Read More...]
South Carolina’s Charter-School District Helps Expand Choice Article The Index-Journal (Greenwood, SC) A combination of home schooling and online instruction is an option that appeals to a growing number of American parents. In South Carolina, families are beginning to be able to have that as well as [Read More...]
How About a Statewide Charter-School District for Virginia? Article Richmond Times-Dispatch The role of charter schools in K-12 education reform could gain focus in this fall’s Virginia gubernatorial election. Republican candidate Bob McDonnell said last week Virginians ought to have alternative ways of getting many more good charter [Read More...]
STIMULUS PACKAGE FAILS TO CROSS TEACHER UNIONS Article Detroit News President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, sounds sincere in saying he wants to use education’s juicy $100 billion slice of the federal stimulus act to bring about constructive change, but the enemies of school reform [Read More...]
Social-Justice Multiculturalism Comes at a Cost Your ninth grader comes home from school and drops his bookbag. “Dad, why do white-dominated institutions lower the life expectancy and income of people of color?” he asks. Concerned, you come to get a closer look. “After dinner, for my [Read More...]
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