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Israel’s Near-Perfect Missile Success Had A Special Line Of Defense (From Fox News) Diplomacy and deterrence failed, but on Saturday the U.S. military stepped in to help protect Israel against the unprecedented attack from Iran. A near-perfect missile defense, beginning with U.S. planes and warships, brought down 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles and [Read More...]
5 Reasons Why A Top Chinese Hacker Gang And Their Friends Could Wreak Havoc On US (From Fox News) You may never have heard of Threat Actor Storm-0558, but this top Chinese hacker gang broke into the State Department computer systems via Microsoft Exchange Online last spring and read emails for several weeks before Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s [Read More...]
Low Earth Orbit Is A High-Value Domain (From RealClearDefense) Low Earth Orbit – known as LEO – is the future for communications satellites. It’s also a high-value domain for national security. And it’s getting crowded. Elon Musk’s Starlink has over 5500 satellites on orbit and just launched 23 more  [Read More...]
USN: Carrier-Based Military Diplomacy Works (From CBS Eye On The World With John Batchelor) Lexington Vice President Rebecca Grant discusses the Ford-class carriers with John Batchelor. Carrier deterrence is more important than ever as shown by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s deployment of two carriers to the Mideast in the Gaza crisis. China is [Read More...]
Army Budget Invests In Lessons From Ukraine With Focus On Deterring China (From Defense Opinion) As Ukraine’s valiant fight against Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion enters its third year, the U.S. Army’s newly released fiscal 2025 budget incorporates the top lessons from combat in Ukraine and sends a powerful message as a deterrent against possible conflict [Read More...]
Navy Makes Shocking Aircraft Carrier Decision While China Threat Rises (From Fox News) What a shock. According to the newly released budget, the Pentagon wants to slow down America’s aircraft carriers. Delaying aircraft carriers courts disaster at a time when their deterrence value is higher than ever. The Navy has a budget plan  [Read More...]
Epic V-22 Osprey Flies Again: Why It’s So Important To Keep Them In The Fight (From Fox News) Last Friday, the Marines, Navy and Air Force gave the V-22 Osprey the green light to return to flying status three months after the fatal crash of an Air Force CV-22 in the seas off Japan. It was a bold [Read More...]
The Osprey, Indispensable For Future War Plans (From RealClearDefense) Before long, the grounded V-22 Osprey fleet may be back in the air. Air Force Special Operations Command touched off the speculation last week, when they announced that ongoing safety reviews have identified the mechanical part failure that caused the [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon Needs A Quantum Czar (From Breaking Defense) Just when you thought drones, artificial intelligence and hypersonic missiles were the must-haves for future warfare, here comes yet another priority: quantum computing. Quantum computing literally changes the basis of information sciences. The Pentagon knows that, and has been fueling [Read More...]
Putin’s Nuke Threat Endangers Some Of America’s Coolest Technology (From Fox News) Russian President Vladimir Putin is working on a nasty, new nuclear anti-satellite weapon. Leaders in Congress were briefed last week in a highly secret session, but exactly what is Putin targeting? It is likely that he wants to threaten specific American systems. Here [Read More...]
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