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Lexington Study: Tactical Aircraft and the Preservation of U.S. Air Dominance The preservation of air dominance is crucial to strategic deterrence and to the successful prosecution of modern warfare. General Charles Horner developed and implemented the air campaign in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He put it best when he said: [Read More...]
Tactical Aircraft and the Preservation of U.S. Air Dominance Research Study Introduction The case for focusing on air dominance has its roots in the most successful of U.S. military operations. One built around it was the invasion of Normandy. Air dominance was the basis of the whole plan as [Read More...]
Smart Grid Implementation: Strategies for Success Executive Summary The United States is well underway with the modernization of its energy grid, driven by $4.5 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants and other Congressional legislation. Smart Grid needs to be implemented quickly enough to provide [Read More...]
ENERGY: MAKE THE SMART GRID WORK FOR VIRGINIANS Richmond Times-Dispatch When President Obama announced $3.4 billion in new federal grants to upgrade the nation’s power grid last month, he did so amid many references to 21st century technology. A “smart” power grid based on new technology will be [Read More...]
Nuclear Strategy: Yes, It Still Takes a Triad “It is disturbing that the future of the strategic Triad — a deterrent force composed of manned bombers, land-based ICBMs, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles — is in question just as a mutually reinforcing mix of forces has become more important [Read More...]
“Aegis Ashore”: The Navy’s New Missile Defense Mantra The Navy has done a real about-face on ballistic missile defense during this decade and that’s a good thing. “Aegis ashore” is the Navy’s new catch-phrase for moving the phenomenally successful anti-ballistic missile capability off ships and onto land sites [Read More...]
Is F-35 Coming To A Base Near You? Late last week the Air Force gave a tantalizing hint about its possible F-35 basing plans. Where to “bed down” the F-35 as the blue-suiters say is a huge decision. First, it’s the only major fighter program left, and second, [Read More...]
Fighter Production Is Far Below Historic Rates Want to see a scary, scary chart on America’s fighters? Well, get ready for a dizzy drop that will remind you of a black diamond ski run or one of those rogue waves on the Alaska fishing shows. Here are [Read More...]
Decision Superiority and the Roughead Vision (II) Proof of the Navy’s commitment to achieving decision superiority will show through on whether they continue full support for the suite of programs to guarantee it. These range from battle manager platforms like E-2D, the Advanced Hawkeye to other cyber [Read More...]
Achieving Decision Superiority And The Roughead Vision (I) Don’t wait on the QDR – the visionary thinking in the Pentagon right now is coming from the Chief of Naval Operations. Admiral Gary Roughead is looking hard at what it takes to “achieve decision superiority.” He’s pinpointed that tactical [Read More...]
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