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Industry’s 9/11 Response Article Published in Defense NewsOn September 10th, 2001, our military, industrial, and intelligence apparatuses were not well configured for the terror war. Yet they have responded with impressive speed and success. America has sliced up Al Qaeda, overthrown two [Read More...]
Speech to Fairfax County, Virginia Young Republicans It’s great to be here in Fairfax County, and I appreciate the invitation to speak to your organization. I thought I would take a quick look at the contemporary policy and political scene, and share some observations with you that [Read More...]
Decentralized Government and National Security PresentationIt’s great to be here at the tail end of such fabulous baseball and political seasons. As everyone knows, the Curse of the Bambino dates to 1918, the last year the Red Sox won the World Series. Since Babe [Read More...]
Alliance Radio Interview I did a 15 minute radio interview today on KURV Radio in the southern Rio Grande valley of Texas. The reporter, Fred Cruz, was concerned that the French-German-Belgian military alliance announced this week was going to lead to the unraveling [Read More...]
Expanding School Choice at a Time of Budget Austerity Good Afternoon, my name is Merrick Carey, and I am CEO of the Lexington Institute, and we are pleased to have all of you here today for this forum on education reform in the Old Dominion. I was born in [Read More...]
Defending and Extending Democracy Presentation Naval War CollegeIn 2001, we Americans find ourselves in possession of the most productive, wealthy, free, egalitarian, powerful nation in recorded history. Our climate is temperate, harbors and inland waterways magnificent, our soil is fertile, and our people [Read More...]
50 Subs Not Enough For Navy Security Mission Article Published in the National DefenseIt has been argued that some of the major weapon systems developed during the Cold War have yet to demonstrate they remain relevant and are successfully adapting to the new threats to global security. [Read More...]
In the Old Dominion Resides the Heart of America’s Military Tradition Article Published in the Richmond Times-DispatchIt’s remarkable how important Virginia remains to the nation’s military security and tradition. The lynchpin of Colonial America’s struggle against the British Empire, the focal point of the Civil War, and home to the [Read More...]
Redefining Undersea Warfare for A New Century Article Published in the Sea PowerThe beginning of the third millennium in the year 2000 also marks a centennial in the history of undersea warfare. It was in autumn of 1900 that the U.S. Navy commissioned its first submarine, [Read More...]
Letter to the Editor, Defense News To the Editor: George Seffers reports in the June 1 Defense News that the Army is planning to slash funding for modernization of its major combat vehicles. Elsewhere in the same issue, he discloses plans to cut back the Apache [Read More...]
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