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Keep Strike Forces Updated Or Pay High Price Later Op Ed Published in the Navy Times As America’s Cold-War network of bases and allies gradually erodes in Eurasia, sea-based forces are assuming more of the warfighting burden in U.S. military plans. That is particularly true of the Navy’s eleven [Read More...]
The V-22 Osprey: V Is For Versatile Article Published in the Sea Power So uncharted is the national security landscape in the first decade following the end of Cold War that the Pentagon has declared “uncertainty” the enemy. What is clearly known is the effect this has [Read More...]
New Airlifters Essential for Special Ops Fleet Issue Brief One of the busiest squadrons in the Air Force is flying some of the oldest aircraft in the fleet. Their mission is called “special operations low level, version two,” or SOLL II, and they get their orders directly [Read More...]
“A Chemical or Biological Attack” Letter to the Editor Published in The Washington Post To the Editor: The June 26 op-ed essay by Frank Cilluffo and Thomas Herlihy (“First Responders to a Sneak Attack”) contained important insights into the vital role that local fire, medical [Read More...]
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