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Iraq: The Cost Of War Will Be Low Issue BriefThe “sitzkrieg” phase of Gulf War II — the waiting — is nearly over. That’s a good thing, because the Bush Administration seems to be losing ground diplomatically with each passing day, and military forces in the Gulf [Read More...]
Rumsfeld Budget Delivers On Transformation Pledge Issue BriefOn Monday, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will unveil a six-year spending plan that proposes to increase military expenditures to the unprecedented level of half a trillion dollars annually by the end of the decade. Under the plan, [Read More...]
Coast Guard Counter-Terror Plan Undercut By Aging Fleet Issue BriefAfter 9-11, America rediscovered its Coast Guard. The nation’s smallest military service was buried in the byzantine Department of Transportation during the 1960s, and has been forced to operate on a shoestring budget ever since. From its isolated [Read More...]
Iraq — The Consequences Of Not Acting Now Issue BriefU.S. efforts to remove Saddam Hussein are now thoroughly entangled in the United Nations process. Although Colin Powell’s campaign to dissuade the President from unilateral action was defensible on diplomatic grounds, the net effect of putting the issue [Read More...]
Defeating Iraq With Photons Issue BriefEvery military correspondent in America seems to be writing a story about how air warfare has changed since Operation Desert Storm in 1991. It’s a pretty compelling story. Thanks to weapons like the stealthy B-2 bomber and satellite-guided [Read More...]
UAVs: How Revolutionary? Article published in Defense NewsLast month’s use of a Predator drone equipped with Hellfire missiles to kill Al Qaeda operative Abu Ali is being hailed by transformation proponents as further proof that future warfare will favor unmanned combat vehicles. [Read More...]
Delay In New Spy Satellites Could Endanger Warfighters Issue BriefThis week Pentagon policymakers will begin revealing the investment choices they have made in putting together the fiscal 2004 defense budget. Most of the choices are smart. The Air Force’s F/A-22 multirole fighter, essential to maintaining global air [Read More...]
Revolution Gone Awry This evening I want to express some doubts about military transformation. Since transformation has acquired an aura of unassailable virtue, I suppose I should begin by saying that I am not a Luddite. I teach the emerging-technologies class in Georgetown’s [Read More...]
Air Power: The Arithmetic of Victory (and Defeat) Issue BriefNext year will mark two important milestones in the history of American aviation. It will be the 100th year since the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, and the 50th year since an American soldier was last [Read More...]
Carrier Adrift: Delaying CVNX Has Big Consequences Issue BriefThe Pentagon’s latest Defense Planning Guidance identifies four weapons programs as candidates for cutbacks in the 2004-2009 spending plan. The Navy’s candidate is its next-generation aircraft carrier, CVNX (“CV” for carrier, “N” for nuclear, and “X” for experimental). [Read More...]
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