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“Most Expensive Fighter in History” – – The Making of a Myth Research Study The Air Force is developing a stealthy fighter called the F-22 Raptor. It is the only stealthy air-superiority fighter the U.S. is developing. The Navy’s F/A-l8 E/F Super Hornet is a fighter, but it isn’t stealthy. The Joint [Read More...]
Mr. Rumsfeld’s Five Most Urgent Investment Challenges Issue Brief President-elect Bush’s choice of a seasoned manager as Defense Secretary was a smart move, because the challenges the Pentagon faces are daunting. The Clinton Administration’s combination of global engagement with a “procurement holiday” has produced a rapidly aging, [Read More...]
The Attack Submarine and Network-centric warfare Research Study Submarines are the oldest major weapon system still in the U.S. military inventory, predating both fixed-wing aircraft and heavy armor. Their continued utility in modern warfare is attributable to a remarkable capacity to adapt to new warfighting requirements. [Read More...]
The Air Force Rethinks Global Strategy Issue Brief While the political system has been distracted by a seemingly interminable presidential campaign over the last several months, the U.S. Air Force has begun a transformation of its global warfighting strategy. It’s a safe bet the defense advisors [Read More...]
What the Air Force Needs from the Next Quadrennial Review Issue Brief The U.S. Air Force has awakened from the Clinton Administration’s “procurement holiday” with a massive hangover. Almost everything it owns is aging rapidly, and needs to be replaced. Like the other services, it is looking for relief in [Read More...]
Air Force Needs B-2s Article Published in the Defense News Michael Vickers’ compelling commentary on bomber modernization, “Bolster the B-2 Fleet Now,” in the Oct 23 issue, left me feeling both sad and angry. Sad that the U.S. Air Force has undermined so thoroughly [Read More...]
Is the U.S. Military Ready to Meet Future Threat? Article Published in the Pensacola News Journal Al Gore says America’s military is the best in the world. George Bush, Jr. says America’s military is in decline. Who should you believe? You should believe both, because they’re both right. The [Read More...]
Alternatives to New Submarines: Two Awful Ideas Issue Brief Over the past ten years the number of attack submarines in the U.S. fleet has declined 40%. Meanwhile, the amount of secret intelligence-gathering the sub force has been asked to perform has doubled. Even though two-thirds of all [Read More...]
Bring the Marine Prowlers Home Major Hofer provides important insights into the tug-of-war between regional commander-in-chiefs and Marine air-ground task-force commanders concerning who shall have primary claim to EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft. He correctly identifies the main cause of the problem: a failure by [Read More...]
The Real “Readiness” Gap Issue Brief The Washington Post introduced a much-needed note of realism into the election-year debate of military preparedness on September 24 when it published an editorial entitled “Mismatch in Defense.” It cited a Congressional Budget Office estimate that in order [Read More...]
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