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Pentagon To Send Up-Gunned, Drone-Killing Strykers To Europe To Deter Russia (From Fox News) The U.S. Army is strengthening its forces in Europe in response to a growing military threat from Russia. A key feature of that effort is deployment of a more lethal version of the Stryker armored troop carrier. Stryker provides troops [Read More...]
Air Force May Expand, Speed Up Purchase Of F-35 Fighter Jets (From Fox News) Although the Air Force is destined to eventually receive over two-thirds of the tri-service F-35 fighters destined for U.S. users, there is growing concern that its planes are being bought too slowly. Unless the current rate of production is accelerated, [Read More...]
Navy Stealthy Columbia Subs Launch First Patrol in 2013–With New Missile Variant (From Warrior Maven) The Columbia-class successor to U.S. Navy Trident submarines is the centerpiece of plans to modernize America’s nuclear deterrent. Delivery of the first of twelve boats will occur in 2027, with the first operational patrol in 2031. Columbia will be the [Read More...]
New Navy Amphib Assault Strategy: “Mother Ships” Launch Small Boat Attacks (From Warrior Maven) The U.S. Marine Corps continues to evolve its amphibious warfare plans in response to changing threats and technological opportunities. Lexington Institute Senior Fellow Kris Osborn lays out the key features of the emerging plan, including unmanned combat systems and next [Read More...]
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