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Assimilate immigrants by teaching English Letter to the Editor of The Cincinnati PostTo the editor of The Post: In his May 28 column, George Will says that people who vote in this country should be able to speak English (“Engaging in civic dialogue”). But [Read More...]
To Make English the National Language, Teach It Well Op Ed – Fort Worth Star-TelegramThe U.S. Senate just voted to make English the official national language. But while lawmakers and pundits debate the economic and moral implications of such legislation, some Americans have a more pressing problem. The [Read More...]
Immersion Not Submersion, Volume 2: Lessons from Three California School Districts’ Switch from Bilingual Education to Structured Immersion Research StudyIn February 2006, the California Department of Education released the latest test scores for the state’s English learners. The results were positive – immigrant children are continuing to perform well under structured English immersion. Opponents of Proposition 227 [Read More...]
Language Paranoia Letter to the Editor of The Miami HeraldIt seems excessive to suspend a student for ignoring teachers’ warnings and speaking Spanish (Lapse into Spanish earns suspension, then apology, Dec. 9). But I can understand why teachers want to encourage [Read More...]
Immersion Not Submersion: Converting English Language Programs from Bilingual Education to Structured English Immersion in California and Elsewhere Research StudyProposition 227 places strict limits on the use of bilingual education in California’s public school classrooms. But seven years after voters overwhelmingly passed the ballot initiative, many of the state’s English learners in holdout school districts are still [Read More...]
Teaching Spanish-Speaking Students: Some Successes in San Diego County Article published in The San Diego Union -TribuneThe 10th annual Latino Education Summit, just held in San Diego, wasn’t much different from the previous nine. Each year, San Diego County’s Office of Education reports to educators, parents and students [Read More...]
El Paso Embraces English Immersion for Spanish-Speaking Students Article published in The El Paso Times (TX)As Texas’ Hispanic population surges, one city has stumbled upon a brilliantly simple solution to prevent immigrant students from falling through the cracks. Teach them to speak English by putting them in [Read More...]
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