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NEA Funds Host of Left-Wing Causes Article published in The Orange County Register (CA) “The victories last night mark a critical change in course,” explained Reg Weaver, president of the National Education Association, one day after the recent elections. “Now the task is to make sure [Read More...]
NEA Stands Against Real Reform to Help Students Article published in The Chicago Sun Times The number of high school dropouts is reaching crisis proportions. Today, nearly half of all blacks and Latinos fail to graduate. Dropouts earn about $260,000 less over the course of their lives. They’re [Read More...]
English Makes For Better Schools Article published in The Los Angeles Daily News It’s been eight years since California voters decided overwhelmingly to dismantle the state’s bilingual-education system and replace it with English language immersion. Although English learners have made enormous strides since then, success [Read More...]
Can a New Strategy for Teaching English Outperform Old Excuses? Lessons from Eight California School Districts Research Study This paper compares the performance of English language learners on standardized tests in eight California school districts: Alum Rock Elementary, Atwater Elementary, Long Beach Unified, Los Angeles Unified, Oceanside Unified, Orange Unified, San Jose Unified and Vista Unified. [Read More...]
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