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3 Good Reasons Why The F-35 Was Not Featured In Top Gun: Maverick (From 1945) One of the most noteworthy features of Top Gun: Maverick is the absence (beyond a few seconds at the beginning of the movie) of the F-35C, the Navy’s premier, and only, fifth-generation aircraft. If the F-35 had been the centerpiece of [Read More...]
A ‘Big’ Mistake: The US Government Declaring War On Big Tech (From 1945) For the first time in decades, this country faces a significant challenge from another country’s technological ambitions. Should this country, China, win the technological competition with the United States it would have untold ramifications for our economy, political system, personal liberties, global [Read More...]
TRAX: The One Capability That Can Make JADC2 Successful (From RealClearDefense) The program that is supposed to achieve the U.S. military’s vision for seamless, real-time interoperability at the tactical edge is called the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system. The problem for JADC2 and all its Service components is that [Read More...]
To Help Ukraine, The Administration Needs To Get Abrams Tanks To Poland Faster (From RealClearDefense) The transfer of weapons, ammunition, and other supplies from the U.S. and NATO countries to Ukraine has been the lifeline that allowed Kyiv to hold off Moscow’s assault. The U.S. alone has provided to date some $4 billion in assistance. [Read More...]
Is The U.S. Military About To Lose Its Ability To Conduct Amphibious Operations? (From 1945) It appears that Marine Corps Commandant General David Berger may have told the story of how his Service needed to transform itself too well. As part of his vision for a new Marine Corps, the Commandant called for reducing the [Read More...]
The Undeclared U.S.-China Technology War (From 1945) For some years now, an undeclared war has been going on between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Unlike the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this war is not about territory. Rather, it is about acquiring [Read More...]
Five Reasons Why Germany Needs The EA-18G Growler (From 1945) The German Air Force’s plan to procure an advanced U.S.-built airborne electronic attack aircraft, the EA-18G Growler, appears somewhat in doubt in the aftermath of Berlin’s decision to acquire 35 F-35As for that nation’s nuclear weapons deterrent role. There are [Read More...]
What Happened To Putin’s Little Green Men? (From RealClearDefense) Moscow’s assault on Ukraine seems to contradict what we had anticipated about how a future high-end conflict with Russia would unfold. What happened to Putin’s Little Green Men, who were so effective in seizing Crimea in 2014?  Although information coming [Read More...]
America Must Get Ready: Russia Is Trying To Grow Its Influence In Africa (From 1945) The Russian assault on Ukraine marks the informal end to the so-called post-Cold War international order. In truth, Russia and China have been working to undermine extant global political architecture for years. The U.S. government must recognize that the challenge [Read More...]
5 Things NATO Must Do To Deter A Dangerous Russia (From 1945) The U.S. and Europe must now come to terms with the reality that no set of common interests, economic, cultural, or environmental, will be sufficient to keep Moscow from pursuing its strategic interests at the expense of those of other [Read More...]
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