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Poland: A “Niche” Ally Issue Brief Poland is one of several new U.S. allies who are not as big or powerful as our traditional teammates, such as Britain, Germany or Turkey. With limited resources, the Poles have more of a “niche” role to play [Read More...]
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Lesson One: The Importance Of Aerospace Supremacy Issue Brief Operation Iraqi Freedom was unique in a number of ways. One of these was the rapidity with which coalition air and space forces established aerospace supremacy over Iraq. Air supremacy is defined as the ability to go anywhere [Read More...]
Pity The Poor Chinese Navy Issue Brief China has been busy trying to develop a military that can isolate Taiwan, and, if necessary, hold the U.S. at bay. The PLAN’s one hope for success in a campaign against Taiwan is to blockade the island and [Read More...]
Wanted: Medium-Weight Land Forces Issue Brief One lesson to emerge from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is that, at times, U.S. ground forces proved to be too powerful. This seems counterintuitive when the war was won in approximately five weeks with minimum casualties. Yet, there [Read More...]
Sea-based Missile and Air Defenses Research Study Robust sea-based air and missile defenses will constitute a key strategic capability for the U.S. Navy in the 21st Century. Today the Navy is confronting a serious anti-access threat that will only grow over time. The proliferation of [Read More...]
Alliance Project Seminar On July 1, 2003, the Lexington Institute held the third in its seminar series on the limits of alliances. The speaker was Dr. Simon Serfaty, director of the European Studies Program at CSIS. The discussion focused largely on the Bush [Read More...]
Defense Acquisition: Protect The Parts That Work Issue Brief The Bush Administration came to office determined to reform the defense acquisition process. It took too long to get new hardware into the field, weapons were often out of date by the time they were fielded and the [Read More...]
Putting A Stop To The Issue Brief A modern day “gold rush” fever is threatening to overwhelm good sense and the acquisition process. DoD is being inundated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle concepts, often systems built of nothing but viewgraphs, that are in some notable cases [Read More...]
Why Allies? Which Allies? Issue Brief Does the United States need allies in the 21st Century? If so, what kind of allies does it require? Although the United States has collaborated with many nations throughout its history, including in pursuit of its independence, the [Read More...]
Homeland Security: Measuring Success Issue Brief Are we safer now than were on September 11th? At one level this is an existential question to which no concrete answer is possible. At another level it is an eminently practical question that demands detailed response. The [Read More...]
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