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Contractors On The Battlefield Research Study Civilian contractors have a larger presence on today’s battlefields than ever before. Over a decade ago, as the U.S. military began downsizing, it began transferring many of its support functions to private sector contractors. From the provision of [Read More...]
The National Guard Needs More Stryker Brigades Issue Brief President Bush’s decision to surge U.S. forces into Iraq will require the activation of additional National Guard brigades in order to preserve a rotation base. No longer is the Guard a strategic reserve, one meant to be mobilized [Read More...]
The Nation Needs a Bigger Army Issue Brief Remember the optimism that greeted the new millennium? Communism was a fading memory, U.S. air power had just won a war in the Balkans, and threats to national security seemed so modest that a new administration in Washington [Read More...]
Chicken Soup for Iraq? Issue Brief The report of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) brings to mind the old vaudeville routine in which the actors play doctors working on a patient. Finally, one pronounces the patient dead. Suddenly from the audience a voice cries [Read More...]
Modularity, The Littoral Combat Ship and the Future of the U.S. Navy Research Study The U.S. Navy is engaged in a far-reaching transformation based on the exploitation of information technologies. At the heart of this transformation is the concept of networking the force. This involves, first, connecting all the platforms and major [Read More...]
Defeating Hezbollah: An Alternative To Bombs Issue Brief It is evident by now that the traditional Western superiority in conventional military forces is all but neutralized in the face of the strategic challenge posed by terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas armed with short-range rockets. [Read More...]
Hurricanes and the Coast Guard Issue Brief In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Coast Guard rescued over 33,000 lives. The unexamined tragedy of that disaster is how many more people could have been saved if the Coast Guard had been better equipped. The Coast [Read More...]
Surveillance of the Future Letter to the Editor, Flight International The future of intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) is taking shape in the Asia-Pacific region. Your report on the Australian government’s Project Air 7000 (Flight International, 7-13 March), notably the deployment of a Northrop Grumman [Read More...]
Take the Time to Get LCS Systems Right Letter to the Editor, Seapower The key to enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), as discussed in Richard Burgess’s article (“Fast Swap,” February issue), is in the integration of both shipboard systems and modules. [Read More...]
Avoiding A Hollow Military Presentation at the Heritage Foundation This is the second in a series of seminars organized by the Heritage Foundation to address a very important and deceptively simple question: does the U.S. military have adequate resources to maintain a trained and [Read More...]
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