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Innovating to Accelerate Gains at Truesdell Education Campus in Washington, DC Executive Summary Truesdell Education Campus in the District of Columbia Public Schools, is quickly becoming one of the most innovative elementary schools in the region, with the student academic gains and outcomes to prove it.  Central to this innovation is [Read More...]
Congress’ Omnibus Omission Leaves Support for DC’s Most Succesful School Reforms Uncertain From the Washington Times Congress’ passage of the fiscal 2016 omnibus bill last week included a litany of policy initiatives, but failure to attach a critical education act, supporting proven education reform in Washington, D.C., has city educators, parents and [Read More...]
NAEP Shows Strong Gains for DC Students From the Daily Caller At a glance, yesterday’s release of the 2015 National Assessment of Education Progress yields unremarkable data, but locally, students in DC public and public charter schools posted powerful improvements. The nation’s students, overall, have achieved insignificant [Read More...]
What Research Says About Presidential Candidates’ Positions at the Education Summit (From the Daily Caller) As Republican presidential candidates converged to talk both local and broad-scale reform at an education summit last month, much discussion focused on choice options for students and families. Candidates, hosted by nonprofit The 74 Million, took [Read More...]
Taxation Finds Representation in Smart Education Reform From the American Thinker On the heels of tax season, Americans are looking for breaks. The date for filing may have passed, but some education reform movements have maneuvered into smart funding avenues with big tax benefits. This year, more [Read More...]
Disrupting an Aging Industry to Improve Teaching and Educational Outcomes RICHMOND (VA) TIMES-DISPATCH A new initiative announced recently by Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven Staples has the potential to substantially upgrade the content taught in schools across the commonwealth, and empower classroom teachers in ways that strengthen student outcomes. [Read More...]
A Dynamic Model for Catholic Education Published by the Catholic Education Resource Center Faith-based education institutions are closing as quickly as alternative education options open; charter school students now outnumber those enrolled in Catholic schools as government funding streams recognize reform and innovation in the public [Read More...]
School Choice’s Big Gains Provide New, Quality Opportunities From the Daily Caller Demand for school choice has never been higher, as new, high-quality opportunities are being offered in the area most traditional public schools have struggled with most: career and technical education for high school students. Vouchers, scholarship [Read More...]
The Cristo Rey Network: Serving Sustainable Success – New Lexington Study Download Full Report – The Cristo Rey Network: Serving Sustainable Success   One of the nation’s most powerful urban education success stories of the past decade, the Cristo Rey Network serves exclusively economically disadvantaged students with its Catholic mission to [Read More...]
Teach for America a Strong Bet to Improve Chicago Student Achievement Of all of the strategies underway to improve student achievement in Chicago, leveraging the contributions of Teach for America’s teaching corps may prove the most valuable. Chicago’s students have shown modest overall gains in achievement in recent years, but progress [Read More...]
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