Technology-Driven Innovations For Teaching English Learners

Author(s): Sean Kennedy and Don Soifer
Posted in: Education


Research Study

Executive Summary

For the growing number of schools across the United States struggling to meet the educational needs of English language learner student populations, the challenges frequently outweigh the new approaches and ideas for meeting them successfully. This paper discusses six promising, technology-driven innovations currently demonstrating encouraging progress meeting these challenges:

Rocketship Education, a network of high-performing blended-learning charter schools serving predominantly low-income and English learner families;

HELP Math, a web-based math curriculum designed for English learners;

Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools’ highly successful instructional approach;

ELLevation, a software platform for managing ELL student data;

Achieve Language, a reading tool that individualizes content to students’ comprehension levels, and

Voki, a novel, avatar-driven interactive environment that fosters constructive interaction.

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