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Saturday 29th of November 2014

Top Story
Defense Articles

  • DoD Cannot Command Industry To Go Forth And Innovate
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • Like King Canute ordering the tides to recede, the Department of Defense (DoD) has ordered its contractors to provide more innovation. Last weekend, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced the Defense Innovation Initiative, described as an ambitious …

  • The United States Remains A Logistics And Sustainment Superpower
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • For some time now, public discussions of the state of the U.S. military have focused almost exclusively on shrinking forces, aging equipment, declining investments in modernization and loss of critical skills and capabilities. Were this not bad enough, …

  • Rethinking Competition In Defense Acquisition
  • Scott E. Chandler   |
  • Click here to download the full study as PDF. Introduction In its 2014 Annual Report, Performance of the Defense Acquisition System,[i] the Department of Defense (DoD) states “Competition is the single best way to motivate contractors to provide the be …

  • Now Is Really The Time For A Made In America Rocket Engine
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • Russian forces are again massing on the border with Ukraine. President Putin was basically called a liar at the G-20 meeting in Australia when he denied Russian forces were operating in the neighboring country. Former Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbachev …

  • The Asia-Pacific Region Is A Land Theater
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.d.   |
  • North America and East Asia are the two regions that will dominate the world in the 21st Century. Separating them is the Pacific Ocean. Because the Pacific is so vast and U.S. interests, allies and competitors are at the opposite end, it is no surprise …

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