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Saturday 20th of December 2014

Top Story
Defense Articles

  • If DoD Wants Industry To Innovate It Will Have To Buy Things
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • Like any long-standing, quasi-socialist enterprise, the Department of Defense (DoD) doesn’t understand how to motivate the private sector to innovate. As has been the case with other centrally planned economies – the former Soviet Union comes to mind – …

  • Move Over Luke Skywalker, Laser Weapons Are Here
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • In 1977, George Lucas’s Star Wars popularized the idea of lasers, from individual weapons, the light saber, to those carried aboard X-wing and TIE fighters and the planet-killing Death Star. They were very cool but also a long time ago in a galaxy far, …

  • Managing Low Oil Prices To Enhance U.S. National Security
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • While we are all reveling in prices at the pump approaching $2.50 a gallon and its salutary impact on the U.S. economy, we ought to consider the broader economic and national security implications of the ongoing decline in energy prices. We have been t …

  • Prepare For Cyber Armageddon
  • Daniel Goure, Ph.D.   |
  • The United States is woefully unprepared to deal with the inevitability of a major cyber attack. Recent hacks of private companies such as Sony, Home Depot, Target and the like are warnings of greater dangers to come; like the proverbial canary in the …

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